BISTU Facilitate Working Arrangements for Employment of Graduating Students during the Epidemic

By Sun, 19 Apr 2020 GMT

Beijing, 19th April, 2020 (BISTU)— The sudden attack of the coronavirus epidemic has brought along significant influence upon employment of students who are to graduate in 2020. Based on strength in information technology, BISTU has made thorough preparations in this regard: online job fairs open for the whole day and service for students is always ready there.  


Overall planning: the whole university working together to facilitate employment of graduating students. For many times the University has held meetings on making sound arrangement for employment of graduating students. Political awareness is given priority in offering support for employment of graduating students during the epidemic. The University has in the first place made and published documents such as Working Issues on Employment of Graduating Students during the Coronavirus Epidemic and Working Plan for Employment of Graduating Students in Respect of Delayed School Opening. Relating working procedures have been significantly simplified and optimized, including recommendation forms and employment agreements for former graduating students, online submission of graduation information, etc. A mechanism of information publication is established to publish information on job fairs and progress of job-hunting of students on weekly basis. Teaching arrangements have been adjusted in a timely manner. Examinations and assessments have been arranged together online supervision of graduation thesis. Deans and faculties of all school have actually shouldered responsibilities in this regard. And now new arrangements are made each week, progress is made day by day, and summarization is generalized each week. 


Building a “cloud bridge” between students and employers. Based on actual cases of graduating students at BISTU, the University keeps close contact with over 200 employers and shows students job vacancies of relevance. The University also works coordinately with institutions like Service Center for Graduating Students of Universities in Beijing. As has been planned, altogether 13 online job fairs would be organized which could accommodate over 6,000 employers and offer more than 140,000 jobs. As of today 11 job fairs have successfully completed. The University has built a cloud platform for students of excellence, which could accommodate 500 students simultaneously online. Also 22 specialized mailboxes have been established for students’ job-hunting and information on job vacancies is published three times a week.  


Making thorough investigation and survey to provide better service. The University has conducted surveys on job objectives and established a grid management system with supervisors and mentors as the lead and class monitors and student party members as auxiliary staff. Real-time information of each graduating student in job-hunting is now sorted out. Special help, such as job recommendation and psychological consultation, is offered with students who are difficult to find jobs or who are confused in job-hunting so as to lessen their pressure and anxiety in finding employment upon graduation. Online learning platform is now running smoothly, which explains policies, offers guidance, transmit information, and provide quick, effective, efficient, quality “cloud” service for graduating students. The University has invited 5 famous scholars and experts to deliver seminars on skills in job-hunting. A Wechat group is also established for students graduating in 2020, where HR faculties and relating faculties and staff are ready to help students.  



Warmth with focus. The Notice on Providing Better Service for Students Challenged for Job-hunting in 2020 is drafted and published. Based on the principle of “key focus, key service, recommendation priority”, the University categorizes graduating students and offer career consultation and guidance for students who are financially challenged or psychological challenged and who have difficulties in completing degrees. Social resources such as alumni resources are fully utilized, special job fairs are organized, and priority is given under some circumstances to these students. Also the University covers students’ expenses in preparing for materials and documentation for job-hunting.