BISTU Leading Group of Foreign Affairs Conclude the First General Assembly

By Wed, 01 Jan 2020 GMT

Beijing, 31st December, 2019 (BISTU)— BISTU Leading Group of Foreign Affairs concludes the first General Assembly on 31st December 2019. The Assembly is attended by Secretary General Wang Chuanliang of CPC BISTU Committee and President Wang Yongsheng and is hosted by Vice President Yu Shijie.  


Wang Chuanliang points out that foreign affairs are not trifles. As educational globalization at BISTU advances, foreign affairs of the University also develop very fast. There are increasing requirements on both quantity and quality of foreign affairs. Particularly, foreign affairs at the University shall be able to reflect the content of political construction and some key issues related to highlighting comprehensively strengthening the Party’s leadership, promoting an all-out effort to enforce strict party discipline, and holding firmly onto our ideological bastion. In addition, foreign affairs shall also invest more efforts in enhancing publicity of teaching, academic research, management, and construction of campuses so as to further raise the University’s profile and international reputation.    

Wang Yongsheng points out that more focus shall be put on the leadership of the Party over foreign affairs of the University. It is necessary to strengthen the links and coordination between foreign affairs and other key issues of the University such as talent cultivation and academic research. Meanwhile, the level and brand building of foreign affairs shall be strengthened with highlights on key issues such as international education cooperative projects. Foreign affairs shall be able to serve development of the University, our strategy of talent cultivation, and the national strategy of “going global”. Wang Yongsheng stresses that International Cooperation Department of the University is responsible for strategically planning foreign affairs and that other divisions and offices shall provide due support, coordination, and implementation when necessary.    

Yu Shijie summarizes that political issues shall continue to take a leading role in foreign affairs in 2020. We shall strengthen the Party’s leadership in foreign affairs while coordinate with all divisions and offices. We shall work even hard so as to contribute to our goal of “building the best university and achieving the best we can”.    

Dr. Lu Jing, Director of International Cooperation Department of BISTU, delivers a working report on foreign affairs in 2019 and on plans and strategies in 2020. The Assembly also reviews and passes the Three Year Plan on International Exchange Projects for BISTU Students.