BISTU Scholarship Award Ceremony for International Students & New Year Celebration Successfully Complete

By Thu, 26 Dec 2019 GMT

Beijing, 26th December, 2019 (BISTU)— BISTU Scholarship Award Ceremony for International Students & New Year Celebration, attended by Vice President Xu Baojie, Dean Lu Jing of International College of Education, Vice Dean Cai Ying, Vice Dean Hu Zhangyu, all faculties and staff of the College, and all international students, successfully completes on 18th December 2019 on Jianxiangqiao Campus.  


On behalf of the University, Xu Baojie extends most sincere congratulations to all award-winners and gratitude to faculties and staff who have contribute greatly to educational globalization of the University. He points out that recent years have witnessed achievements of the University in respect of artificial intelligence, 5G, and big data processing. Facilities of learning have also been further improved, which offers greater support with international students studying with BISTU. It is hoped that international students keep working diligently and act as ambassadors of international exchanges and friendship between China and the world.    


Dr. Lu Jing addresses the Ceremony on behalf of the College. She says that the College has made substantial achievements in both scale and quality of international education. This year the College welcomes 42 more undergraduate students and 6 postgraduate students who have actually added to vitality of the learning atmosphere. For the first time the College offers an English-delivered program “International Economics and Trade”, which is well-received by all faculties and students. A mentor is assigned for each class and a part-time tutor is also assigned respectively for Jianxiangqiao Campus and Xiaoying Campus. One of our part-time tutors is awarded the second prize for management of excellence in international education at universities in Beijing and one of our class mentors is the winner of “Mentors of Excellence at BISTU”. With regard to scholarship, this year sees establishment of four types of scholarships, i.e., new students scholarship, scholarship for exchange students, scholarship for academic excellence, and scholarship for extracurricular activities. In the future, the focus will be laid upon quality of education so as to nurture more international students of excellence. She also encourages international students to make still further progress and those who are yet to become scholarship winners to work even hard for their future.    


Certificates of scholarships, i.e., BISTU Scholarship, the “Belt and Road” Scholarship, Beijing Municipality Scholarship, the Forbidden City Scholarship, and mascots for the year of mouse are presented to the students by the Dean, vice deans, mentors, and class tutors.  


A representative of award winners shares her experiences and understanding of learning Chinese. She firmly holds that “as Heaven's movement is ever vigorous, so must a gentleman ceaselessly strive along”. And she calls for all students to cherish the opportunities of learning Chinese in China and actively contribute to cultural exchange among countries in the world.  

Following the award ceremony, all students, faculties and staff start to enjoy the party for celebration of the New Year, where students from every corner of the world taste featured snacks of Beijing, appreciate dancing and singing performances and play interactive games with each other.  


An episode of mixed kinds of dances from Africa, played by students from Zimbabwe, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tanzania and Cameroon, kindles the whole party.  




Audiences also happily appreciate wonderful performances by students from Russia, Kazakhstan and Italy who show their talents with beautiful, pleasant, touching melodies.    


On this joyous moment, faculties and students review their happy learning life at BISTU and look forward to meeting the new year of hope and success.    



International education at BISTU dates back to the year 2000 when the first cohort of international students choose to apply to study with the University. The past twenty years have witnessed steady progress of international education at BISTU. As of today, the University offers a wide spectrum of programs, including undergraduate degree programs (delivered in English and Chinese), postgraduate degree programs (delivered in Chinese), long and short-term Chinese learning programs, and international exchange programs.