Remaining True to our Original Aspiration, BISTU Hold Ceremony of Retirement with Honor

By Wed, 11 Dec 2019 GMT


Beijing, 11th December, 2019 (BISTU)— A ceremony of retirement with honor for the 47 retired faculties and staff in 2019 successfully concludes on Xiaoying Campus on 11th December. The ceremony is attended by Secretary General Wang Chuanliang of CPC BISTU Committee, President Wang Yongsheng, all other senior administrators of BISTU, directors of relating divisions, heads of workers’ unions, and representatives of new faculties and staff and is hosted by Vice President Yu Shijie.  


On behalf of CPC BISTU Committee, Wang Chuanliang pays glowing tribute to the 47 retired faculties and staff. He expresses that retirement of faculties and staff is a major event for both them and the University. President Xi Jinping has repeatedly emphasized the importance of teachers. We, as one of the higher educational institutions, shall carry forward the fine tradition of respecting teachers and valuing education. The ceremony today is to show that honor belongs to the retired faculties and staff as well as to all teachers. Looking back to the year 2019 when the University has made substantial achievements, Wang Chuanliang says that BISTU now on a fast track of development owes much to hard work of all faculties and staff and their contribution will be forever remembered. Wang Chuanliang hopes that all retired faculties and staff continue backing up development of the University and that all young faculties and staff will inherit and develop the fine tradition of the retired and make even more outstanding contributions.  


Prof. Xu Xiaoli, representative of the retired, winner of national teachers of excellence, winner of national science and technology workers of excellence, and role model of teachers of Beijing Municipality, and Prof. Li Hong, winner of preeminent teachers of Beijing Municipality, share their experiences and feelings on the ceremony. Xu Xiaoli recalls the past thirty years when he worked at BISTU and the historical progress of the University: marching forward bravely while overcoming one after another difficulties, smoothly and comprehensively promoting “construction of five environments”, fast progress of construction of the New Campus, and advancement in academic discipline construction. He extends his heartfelt love and best wishes to the University. Li Hong shares her experiences of becoming a teacher and contributing to the educational cause with the best of her years. She encourages the young faculties and staff that education is a life-long career and the honor of being a teacher is worth defending and cherishing.  


Fan Junfang from School of Automation, on behalf of young faculties and staff, shares his experiences in teaching. He recalls the percept and examples of his predecessors, which turn him from a scholar into a teacher. What has been passed on to him is not only invaluable experiences but also the morality embedded in teaching. Says Fan Junfang. And then he guides 100-odd new faculties and staff to take a solemn oath of becoming honored teachers. Representatives of students then read some poems to express their gratitude.  

The new faculties and staff are deeply touched. They are very much moved by contributions of the retired in the past decades and they are immensely proud of being a teacher. Meanwhile, they truly feel and understand the responsibilities on their shoulders. In the future, young faculties and staff would hold steadfast political positions, develop professional skills, comprehensively develop themselves, be diligent and inclusive, and be dedicated to their jobs so as to contribute to “construction of five environments”, building a high level university with distinctive features in information technology, and nurturing builders and successors of the socialist cause.  



Certificates of retirement and autograph albums, carefully designed and made by Labor’s Union of the University, are presented to the retired by Wang Chuanliang and Wang Yongsheng.  






Red scarves representing peace and happiness are presented to the retired as gifts by senior administrators of BISTU, followed by a group photo-taking.  


Art performances are also arranged for the ceremony. BISTU dancing association welcomes all participants of the ceremony with their passion and beautiful dances. Poetry recital “Remaining true to original aspiration”, jointly performed by incumbent faculties and staff, the retired and students, show our true love with education and with the country. My Motherland and Me, as a very popular song, marks the end of the ceremony and expresses the most sincere wishes of all faculties, staff, and students to our motherland.