Chen Gang Meets with University Delegations from The Republic of Serbia and The Republic of North Macedonia

By Thu, 27 Jun 2019 GMT

Beijing, 26th June, 2019, (BISTU)— Vice President Chen Gang meets with Vice President Stevan Stankovski of University of Novi Sad, the Republic of Serbia, and Professor Valentina Gechevska of Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, the Republic of North Macedonia and discusses on feasibility of future cooperation on 25th June 2019.  


Chen Gang extends warmest welcome to the delegations and offers a detailed introduction to BISTU. He also says that it is a great pleasure for BISTU to welcome the six experts coming to attend International Conference on Intelligent Decision Making and Big Data Application. Their outstanding academic reports have served as a nice beginning of future collaboration among the universities. In addition to the field of big data, BISTU finds resemblance with the two institutions in a number of areas and thus our cooperation is very much feasible. Chen Gang hopes that formal cooperative relations would be established with University of Novi Sad and Ss. Cyril and Methodius University so as to bring benefits to students of all three institutions.     


Vice President Stevan Stankovski and Professor Valentina Gechevska respectively produce introductions to their universities, with focus on industry-university collaboration and their research interests. The delegations express that it is an honor to be invited to International Conference on Intelligent Decision Making and Big Data Application. Effective links with BISTU faculties have been successfully established and communications have been made for academic exchange purposes. It is hope that the meeting would lay a solid foundation for collaboration among the three universities.  


After the meeting, a seminar is organized for members of the delegations and BISTU faculties and young teachers to share their research achievements, research interests, and possible collaboration in their respective fields.