Wang Chuanliang Conducts On-site Survey on New Campus

By Tue, 18 Jun 2019 GMT


Beijing, 17th June, 2019, (BISTU)— Secretary General Wang Chuanliang of CPC BISTU Committee, accompanied by Vice President Liu Yong, Vice President Ma Qinghong, Assistant to Vice President Luan Zhongquan, Assistant to Vice President Lin Guoce, and directors of General Administration Office, Publicity Department, Office for Disciplinary Inspection Committee, Office for Infrastructure Construction (Office for New Campus Construction), and Office for Management Committee of New Campus, conducts on-site survey for progress in construction of BISTU New Campus.  


Wang Chuanliang visits construction sites, asks for information about progress of construction, and listens to the reports on construction of the New Campus. He points out that rapid progress has been made on construction of the New Campus. We have done very well in both quality and speed of construction. He extends sincere thanks to all faculties and staff who have dedicated to construction of the New Campus. With regard to future work of construction, Wang Chuanliang stresses that firstly all have to enhance their political awareness, firmly implement requirement and spirit of Central Party Committee and CPC Beijing Municipal Committee, and devote to construction of the New Campus. Construction of the New Campus currently is the greatest political issue of BISTU on current stage. It is concerned with interests of all students, faculties, and staff as well as future development of the University. We shall comprehensively strengthen party building, give priority to political construction, view “building the best university and becoming the best self” as our motto and “construction of five environments” as our guidelines so as to achieve our three-step goals of building a socialist university. Secondly, quality is very important and we shall complete the mission of New Campus construction with high speed and quality. Construction of the New Campus shall become a model project in shifting of functions of Beijing Municipality. Thirdly, all faculties and staff shall take the initiative, be courageous to shoulder their responsibilities, and coordinate with each other to complete construction of the New Campus. We shall keep a beginner’s mind, bear in mind our missions, and be responsible and dedicated. Following guidelines of Vice President Ma Qinghong, all faculties shall be aware of and shoulder their responsibilities so as to contribute to supernormal, big-stride development of BISTU. Fourthly, centering on the project of New Campus construction, efforts shall be invested in publicity of spirit and culture of the New Campus. Party governance shall be organically combined with university governance. And issues of all respects shall be highly integrated with strengthening political construction of the Party, comprehensively strengthening Party’s leadership, all-out effort to enforce strict Party discipline, and comprehensively strengthening the construction of the Party's working style and a clean & honest administration. It is necessary for us to learn from fine traditional Chinese culture and comprehensively push forward cultural construction of the New Campus. Fifthly, we shall strengthen system construction and clean administration construction. The role of disciplinary inspection shall be brought into full play. All sectors of the New Campus shall attach great importance to construction of the Party's working style and a clean & honest administration. And sixthly, security, safety and stability of the New Campus remain our top concern. Counterplan for safety and security shall be prepared for every issue concerning construction of the New Campus so as to make sure our New Campus is being built in a safe, orderly manner.  


Liu Yong stresses that emphasis shall be laid upon safety production and safety engineering with regard to construction of the New Campus. Safety responsibility agreements shall be prepared and signed by relating staff while strengthening management and supervision of construction. With regard to fire protection, special attention shall be paid to use of electricity and gas in construction. And a stable transition shall be secured when Security Company of the New Campus is to be changed at the end of June.  


Lin Guoce delivers a report on issues regarding tendering and bidding of the New Campus. Reports on progress of construction of the New Campus, future work, key areas of attention, etc., are delivered by Office for Construction of New Campus and Management Committee of New Campus.