【Academician Seminar】Academician Zheng Zhiming Delivered Academic Report at BISTU

By Wed, 22 May 2024 GMT

Beijing, 22nd May 2024 (BISTU)--- Academician Zheng Zhiming of Beihang University delivered an academic report titled “Precision intelligence: Theory and Methodology of Intelligence in cross-scale system” on 21st May 2024 at BISTU.

Chairman Xie Jiangling of University Council met with Academician Zheng Zhiming and expressed warm welcome and sincere thanks. Following his introduction to BISTU in respect of general information, academic disciplines, academic activities, research progresses, etc., Xie Jiangling hoped that Academician Zheng Zhiming would provide constructive suggestions for development of mathematics, information technology and artificial intelligence at BISTU.


The academic report, chaired by Vice President Xiao Zhisong, was held in the auditorium of Shahe Campus.

Starting from international cooperation in exploring the dark matter in the universe, Academician Zheng Zhiming explained theory and methodology of intelligence for cross-scale system and introduced relating achievements. He held that the scientific laws of the complex system in data would be revealed if we could research big data system via the cross-scale system, embed relating knowledge on a small-scale basis, conduct modeling on a mesoscale basis, and analyze the evolution and mutation on a large-scale basis. He then displayed the important implications of theory and methodology of intelligence for cross-scale system in international academic circles by listing three representative research achievements, i.e., search with precision in dynamic cyberspace based on mathematical principles, behavioral reconstruction in the echo chamber based on mathematical principles, and prediction, control, and regulation of public opinions based on explosive percolation.

The report was well received among faculty and staff of School of Applied Science, followed by in-depth discussions.

Dean Wang Aiwen of Applied Science School concluded the report and expressed sincere thanks to Academician Zheng Zhiming.

About Zheng Zhiming

Zheng Zhiming, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, professor of Beihang University, state-level outstanding teaching in National High-Level Personnel of Special Support Program, and expert in interdisciplinary research on mathematics and information technology, is currently the Chief Scientist of Data and Application in Zhongguancun National Laboratory, Director of State Key Laboratory of Complex & Critical Software Environment, Vice Chairman of China Institute of Communications, Dean of School of Artificial Intelligence of Beihang University, and Director of Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Future Blockchain and Privacy-Preserving Computing.