Xie Jiangling Held Talks with Young Faulty on Chairman Afternoon Tea

By Wed, 15 May 2024 GMT

Beijing, 15th May 2024 (BISTU)--- Student Development Center of Shahe Campus greeted Chairman Xie Jiangling of University Council and over 20 young faculty members attending the Chairman Afternoon Tea on 14th May 2024. The event was chaired by Vice President Xiao Zhisong.  

In a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere, the young teachers exchanged their expectations and ideas on career development, development platform construction, and evaluation and incentive mechanism construction with Xie Jiangling, and at the same time shared their own work gains and feelings.


The University has been attaching great importance to growth of young faculty members. Xie Jiangling said. A number of measures have been taken to provide relating supports. He raised expectations on young teachers in four aspects. First, love of our nation. We should follow the role models of our predecessors and contribute to national development with big-picture thinking. Second, love of our university. We shall bear in mind the original aspiration and make greater contributions to educational development of the University. Third, love of our family. Young teachers should achieve a balance between work and family. And fourth, love of ourselves. It was best to nurture sound habits of learning, living, and doing exercises. He then provided interpretations on four relationships, i.e., the sharing-weal-and-woe relationship between individuals and BISTU, the complementary relationship between teaching and research, the mutual-supportive relationship between teaching & research and administration, and the reciprocal relationship between the present and the future. “We grow together with the University. Unremitting endeavor of each faculty is indispensible for development of the University. We are to seize the moment and jointly contribute to a better tomorrow of BISTU!” Xie said.  

Xie Jiangling presented books to young teachers as gifts to encourage them work even harder.  

Xiao Zhisong briefly introduced the university's support for young teachers in various aspects such as talent programs, teacher training and incentive mechanisms, and expressed the university's high expectations for young teachers. 

Chairman Afternoon Tean, an event developed by Faculty Development Center of Human Resources Office, aimed to provide young teachers a platform of communication and talks and to form a sound environment for their growth. More experts and professors would be invited to Chairman Afternoon Tea to exchange and communicate with young teachers.  

Jointly organized by Teachers Affairs Division, Faculty Development Center, and BISTU Labor Union, the Event was also joined by young teachers and directors of Academic Affairs, Office for Scientific Research, Postgraduate School, Human Resources Office, Division of Assets Management, and BISTU Labor Union.