CCCME Delegation Visited BISTU

By Fri, 10 May 2024 GMT

Beijing, 10th May 2024 (BISTU)--- China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products (CCCME) delegation headed by Executive Vice President Zheng Chao visited BISTU on 10th May 2024. Chairman Xie Jiangling of University Council and President Guo Fu met with the delegation.  


Xie Jiangling and Guo Fu showed the sand table of Shahe Campus. Guo Fu offered an introduction to the New Campus in respect of educational resources, facilities, and future planning.  


On behalf of BISTU, Xie Jiangling extended warm welcome to CCCME delegation. He briefed innovative practices and latest achievements of the University in strengthening educational features, promoting quality-oriented development, serving national development strategy, and enhancing government-university-enterprise integration. As the only national social organization serving the production and import and export trade of China’s machinery and electronic products, overseas investment cooperation and related activities, CCCME is playing an important role in facilitating high-quality development of international trade cooperation for machinery and electronics industries and contributing to the Belt and Road Initiative. It was hoped that both institutions would conduct in-depth exchange and communication in respect of talent cultivation, industry-education integration, and informationization. BISTU is now building Empowerment Center of Digital Transformation in Small-and-Medium Enterprises and Institute of Digital and Intelligent Industries. Opportunities and resources would be available to all member enterprises of CCCME. We were ready to promote in-depth integration of industry, learning, research, and application and contribute to transformation and development of enterprises with BISTU’s academic strengths. Xie Jiangling said.  


Zheng Chao expressed thanks to the warm reception and briefed the latest achievements of CCCME in constructing new-type cooperative platforms, providing support with international investment, building bridges between governments and enterprises, and serving the Belt and Road Initiative. BISTU has a long educational history, strong academic research, and distinctive feature in information technology. There were a lot of areas to explore in cooperation, particularly in machinery and electronics, industry-education integration, and international cooperation. Both parties should bring their respective strengths into fully play to support industry-education integration, commercialization of research achievements, digital transformation of small and medium enterprise, and internationalization of small and medium enterprises. Diversified cooperation would also be achieved in jointly building a characteristic ESG (environmental, social and governance) system and co-organizing seminars.  

Experts from both parties discussed progresses in industry-education integration, ESG system, international exchange and communication, and informationization in their respective institution.  


The meeting was joined by Vice President Xiao Zhisong, CCCME Senior Expert Xie Biao, Deputy Director Feng Qiang of CCCME Department of Information Consultation, and Deputy Director Li Yawei of CCCME Center for International Industry Cooperation as well as BISTU faculty and staff including directors of Postgraduate School, Human Resources Office, International Cooperation Department, External Liaison Office, and General Administration Office.