World Book and Copyright Day at BISTU: Diligence and Honor

By Tue, 23 Apr 2024 GMT

Beijing, 23rd April 2024 (BISTU)---Have you ever lost yourself in a book only to find a piece of your soul? Imagine diving into pages transporting you to other worlds and meeting characters who feel like old friends. Each turn of the page brings a new adventure and lesson, shaping your view of the world around you. On 23rd April, the 29th World Book and Copyright Day, Shahe Campus of BISTU transforms into a sea of books and a series of events for reading books. Chairman Xie Jiangling addressed the opening ceremony.  

Xie Jiangling commented that the events are aimed at implementing Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and motivating all faculty and students to read books. He stressed that the celebration of World Book and Copyright Day is based on literary significance and is to encourage everyone to explore the joys of reading. The day celebrates the essence of reading, the importance of books, and authors rights over their works. We are to nurture a good reading habit and to love our country, the university, our families, and ourselves.  


Xie Jiangling reiterated the importance of the University library as a carrier of advanced knowledge. He expected that the University Library would provide quality service and innovative functions to build a hall of knowledge dissemination, cultural inheritance, and thought exchange. Great support then is available for building a campus of warmth, calmness, and vitality. Xie Jiangling said.  


Vice President Chen Xin announced the winners of 2023 reading awards.  

Vice President Wang Xingfen presented the certificates of honor to winners of 2023 reading awards.   


Vice President Xiao Zhisong announced the winners of Library Stars in 2023.  


Director Du Shizhi of Publicity Department presented certificates of honor to the winners of Library Stars in 2023.  


Guo Miao from School of Automation and Xu Yang from School of Information and Communication Engineering shared their thoughts and experiences respectively as the representative of faculty and the representative of students.  

A group photo was taken to celebrate launching the ceremony of reading.  


A series of reading events have been there for students and faculty of the University.  


Future reading event would allow students and faculty to become book-referees, attend activities of reading classics, and share their books with others. Seminars on reading would also be organized to enhance information searching capability of students and faculty.   

The events on World Book and Copyright Day are aimed to implement General Secretary Xi Jinpings instructions on reading more and reading good books. Reading invigorates people's mind, gives them inspiration and cultivates their morality. The habit of reading ought to be promoted, and our society should be made one that is filled with the aroma of books. Secretary Xi Jinping said.  

The ceremony was chaired by Chief Librarian Zhang Jian and attended by over 100 students and faculty of the University.