BISTU and Beijing No.11 High School Jointly Built AI Experimental Class

By Sun, 10 Mar 2024 GMT

Beijing, 10th March 2024 (BISTU)---  President Guo Fu headed BISTU delegation to visit Beijing No. 11 High School on 9th March 2024 and held plaque-presenting ceremony for establishing a premium student pool at the School. The meeting and ceremony was attended by Vice President Wang Xingfen, Secretary Cui Chumin of CPC Beijing No. 11 High School Committee, Principal Wang Meng, and Vice Principal Qiang Lihong.  


Guo Fu offered an introduction to BISTU inclusive of educational history, academic disciplines and programs, science and technology innovation, construction of the new campus, social service, and collaboration with local governments and enterprises. He detailed the measures and pathways of successive cultivation formed in the course of organically combining higher education with elementary education. Innovative competence of talents was not only decided by the quality of higher education but also highly dependent upon innovative awareness, scientific literacy, innovative competence of students in middle schools. Guided by the principle of holistic education, Beijing No. 11 High School laid focus on life-long development of students and has been actively exploring a model of integrated successive education. Open, diversified quality courses were delivered to students, which has boosted individualized development, enhanced improvement of comprehensive qualities, and made outstanding achievements in teaching. He added that BISTU is a municipality-supervised university with distinctive feature in information technology. Based on the premium student pool, both institutions would jointly build an AI experimental class with which BISTU would provided due support in respect of faculty, curricula, and resources. It was hoped that joint efforts of both institutions would strengthen the capacity of nurturing talents for municipal economic development and form a new pathway of cultivating outstanding talents in a successive way from high schools to universities.  

On behalf of Beijing No. 11 High School, Cui Chumin extended thanks to President Guo Fu and BISTU faculty. He looked forward to building the premium student pool and the AI experimental class. Following his introduction to history, educational principle, achievements of Beijing No. 11 High School, he commented that cooperation with BISTU was an active move of the School in its strategy of holistic education. BISTU has a long history, strong academic strengths, and distinctive feature in information technology. Establishment of the premium student pool and the AI experimental class would satisfy learning needs of various students, facilitate their understanding of academic disciplines and academic programs, and strengthen their future competitiveness. It was also of great help to achieve our goal of building a nice school for people of the neighborhood.  

Wang Xingfen introduced talent cultivation with information technology as the feature and undergraduate admissions at BISTU. Wang Meng explained the top design of the Innovation and Development Institute of Beijing No. 11 High School and progresses with cultivation of outstanding students. Both institutions expected to establish a coordinated model for innovative talents and conduct in-depth cooperation in respect of curricula and teaching practices.  


Guo Fu presented the plaque of the premium student pool to Beijing No. 11 High School.  


  Wang Xingfen signed the agreement on the premium student pool with Beijing No. 11 High School.  


Dean Fan Junfang of BISTU School of Automation presented the plaque of AI Experimental Class to Beijing No. 11 High School.  

The University would strengthen connections with Beijing No. 11 High School, bring our strengths in higher educational resources into full play, and constantly explore talent cultivation mechanism for innovative, outstanding talents.  

The meeting and ceremony was also attended by Director Wang Lei of BISTU Division for Admissions and Career Consultation as well as Director of Studies Peng Zhi, Director of Studies Yang Kun, Director of Information Center Li Rui, and Executive Dean Qin Yaping of Innovation and Development Institute of Beijing No. 11 High School.