BISTU International Students Attended Communication Event Organized by MFA Department of Consular Affairs

By Thu, 07 Mar 2024 GMT

Beijing, 7th March 2023 (BISTU)--- China and World in My Eyes Dialogue with Chinese Diplomats, a communication event organized by Department of Consular Affairs of Ministry of Foreign Affairs at Peking University successfully completed on 6th March 2024. The Event was addressed by Deputy Director-General Wu Demin of the Department of Consular Affairs and was joined by staff of the Department of Consular Affairs and international students (from around 80 countries) from 17 Beijing-based universities including Peking University, Tsinghua University, BISTU, etc.  

Centering on modernization with Chinese characteristics and building a shared future for mankind, young staff and 300-odd international students conducted discussions and delivered speeches. SAPARBAEVA AIDAI, a Kyrgyzstan student majoring in MA in Journalism and Communication at BISTU, started her speech with Spring Festival being listed as a UN floating holiday. Sharing her experiences of enjoying Chinese New Years Eve Dinner with Chinese friends, she explored ways and measures of promoting Chinese civilization to make it known and understood by world youths.

Deputy Director-General Wu Demin of the Department of Consular Affairs presented certificates of honor to international students and encouraged to continue working as the ambassadors for Sino-foreign cultural exchange and to make contributions to people-to-people communication between China and other countries.  


TASHIROV ISLAM, a Kyrgyzstan student majoring in BA International Economics and Trade at BISTU, raised his question in interaction session. He said that he was eager to find the magic code of Chinas rapid development so that he would make greater contributions to his country. He was suggested to travel to more areas of China and witnessed changes happened to these areas in recent years. Mutual reference between China and foreign civilizations would be promoted by firsthand experience in the course of modernization with Chinese characteristics. The diplomat told him.  


Good atmosphere in discussion, brilliant speeches, frank and honest dialoguesthe Event deepened international students understanding of China, strengthened communication and friendship among young people of China and other countries, and was widely praised by international students.