Mayor Zhi Xianwei of Changping District Conducted Survey at BISTU

By Thu, 07 Mar 2024 GMT


Beijing, 7th March 2023 (BISTU)--- Mayor Zhi Xianwei of Changping District conducted survey at BISTU on 7th March 2024 to coordinate new campus construction and supporting facilities, promote university-local government integration, and strengthen university-local government exchange and communication. Secretary Xie Jiangling of CPC BISTU Committee and President met with Zhi Xianwei and held the seminar of discussion.  


Zhi Xianwei extended thanks to BISTU for contributions to development of Changping District. He expressed that BISTU’s strengths, features, and fine traditions have nurtured strong development momentum for the University and contributed greatly to development of culture, science and technology, and education of Changping District. It was hoped that the University would motivate and support more quality programs to be conducted in Changping and that BISTU would actively integrate in development of Shahe Higher Education Zone and Future Science City. Meanwhile, Changping District will provide BISTU with services of high level, high efficiency, and high standard.  


Xie Jiangling extended warm welcome to Zhi Xianwei and expressed gratitude to Changping Government for its support with development of BISTU. He expressed that the University now was on a crucial phase of high-quality development. We are gaining unprecedented support from Beijing Municipality, we are developing with unprecedented speed, and we are facing with unprecedented opportunities and challenges. Xie Jiangling said. The University would make policies to encourage more research projects to be done in Changping. Greater contributions to social and economic development of Changping would be made via high-quality industry-education integration and science-education integration. The University would further perfect the mechanism of communication with Changping District to write a new chapter for future collaboration.  


Guo Fu explained traditional strengths of the University, quality-oriented development based on academic discipline construction and academic research, school-running orientation and objective of talent cultivation which are in line with national and municipal strategic demand, and the new powerful momentum for high-quality development brought by innovative scientific research and in-depth integration of university, local government, and enterprises. He expressed that BISTU had close ties with Changping District and cooperation between both parties has been fruitful. It was hoped that both parties would seize the opportunity of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development and the opportunity of building Beijing into Four Centers to deepen communication in the field of talent cultivation, academic platform building, and commercialization of research projects. It would bring new momentum to science and technology development in Changping, new vitality to building Beijing into an international center for science and technology innovation, and new drives to high-quality development of regional industry and economy.  


Vice Mayor Liu Qiang (Deputy Director of Management Committee of Future Science City) offered an introduction to supports of Changping District with BISTU in respect of services and resources. He expressed that Changping District was always ready to provide solutions to actual problems in the process of BISTU development. It was hope d that BISTU participation would promote industrial upgrading and science and technology innovation in Changping.  



Prior to the university promo shown to all attending the meeting, Xie Jiangling and Guo Fu accompanied Zhi Xianwei for the survey of Shahe Campus.  

The meeting and discussion was attended by Vice Mayor Liu Xiaodong of Changping District, Vice Mayor Wu Aihua of Changping District, BISTU Vice President Chen Xin, Vice President Ye Xiangzhong, directors of Changping District bureaus and offices, and directors of BISTU divisions and offices.