BISTU Delegation Head by Wang Yongsheng Visits National Cultural Heritage Administration

By Fri, 26 Nov 2021 GMT

Beijing, 26th November, 2021 (BISTU) --- BISTU delegation headed by President Wang Yongsheng visits National Cultural Heritage Administration and holds talks with Deputy Director Hu Bing of National Cultural Heritage Administration and Director Liu Mingwei of China Cultural Heritage Information and Consulting Center. The delegation members include Vice President Chen Xin and Director Zhang Jian of Office for Scientific Research.


Wang Yongsheng extends thanks to National Cultural Heritage Administration for the warm reception and offers a brief introduction to BISTU in respect of history, academic disciplines, faculties, and the features in information technology. Wang Yongsheng points out that BISTU has established advantages in five areas of research since the 13th Five Year Plan, i.e., intelligent sense, intelligent control, intelligent equipment, intelligent decision-making, and intelligent computing. It is hoped that collaboration between two institutions, with support from the Administration, will bring the strengths of BISTU into full play so that the University will make greater contributions to development of Beijing and of the whole nation.  


Hu Bing extends welcome to BISTU delegation and thanks to the University for supporting the work in the field of cultural heritage. It is expected that the University will firmly implement General Secretary Xi Jinpings guidelines and instructions on culture and cultural heritage, strengthen the talent pool, and give play to the advantages in science and technology. Both institutions are expecting to make more achievements and breakthroughs in the field of cultural heritage.  


Chen Xin explains the progress of BISTU in research of cultural heritage and says that the University will consolidate its strengths in information technology and better serve the strategic demand of Beijing and the nation.  

Details are also explored on future cooperation between the two institutions.