BISTU Appointment Ceremony for Adjunct Professor Zhu Qiang Successfully Completes

By Tue, 22 Dec 2020 GMT


Beijing, 22nd December, 2020 (BISTU)— The appointment ceremony for Adjunct Professor Zhu Qiang, attended by President Wang Yongsheng, Vice President Chen Xin, Director Xie Xinwei of Human Resources Office, Director Zhang Jian of Scientific Research Office, deans and secretaries of School of Computer Science, and representatives of the School and hosted by Chen Xin, successfully completes on 21st December at Xiaoying Campus.

Wang Yongsheng offers a brief introduction to development of the University. He points out that BISTU has a long history and has nurtured a large number of graduates of excellence. Computer program also dates back to 42 years ago. In a new historical period, the University embarks on a fast-lane of development. Computer science as an academic discipline with which the University will provide substantial support. It is hoped that Prof. Zhu Qiang would offer guidance for future development of computer science at the University, help improve the level of academic research, facilitate commercialization of research achievements, introduce high-level talents and resources, and conduct cooperation with other institutions home and abroad.

Zhu Qiang says that he has always harbored alma mater complex and it is a great honor to come back to BISTU in the capacity as an alumnus and a national high-level expert. He introduces development of artificial intelligence in Zhejiang University and talks about his plan of working as adjunct professor of BISTU. He is planning to offer an optional module in artificial intelligence, facilitate university-enterprise collaboration, promote exchange of young faculties, and conduct joint research projects. He aims at realizing interconnectivity between Zhejiang University and BISTU in resources so as to build more opportunities for students and to win resources for development of BISTU.

Both parties sign the appointment agreement. Wang Yongsheng announces the decision that Zhu Qiang is appointed adjunct professor of the University and presents the certificate and school badge.

Following the ceremony, a seminar is held for participants of the ceremony. Faculties of Computer Science School extend warm welcome to Zhu Qiang. The School will work together with Prof. Zhu Qiang in a number of areas and will provide due conditions for the convenience of his work.

Prof. Zhu Qiang is an alumnus of BISTU enrolled in 1995. Currently he is a national distinguished expert, Head of Deqing School of AI Institute at College of Computer Science and Technology of Zhejiang University, research fellow of College of Computer Science and Technology of Zhejiang University, part-time professor of School of Software Engineering of Tongji University, and a renowned expert in the field of artificial intelligence. He has long been engaging in studying computer vision and machine learning and published over 20 journal articles of global level such as ICCV and CVPR. In Google Scholar, citation of Zhu Qiang as the first author reaches 30,000 times. He has been twice invited to act as ICCV Program Committee Member and now is reviewer for scores of international authoritative academic conferences and journals. He has worked at University of California -Santa Barbara, Microsoft Headquarter, and Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories (MERL). And he has also been founder, and co-founder in technology for three US start-ups in artificial intelligence. After returning to China in 2018, he has participated in a series of national key projects such as New Generation AI in 2030, Key R&D Plan of Zhejiang, etc. Collaborating with Tongren Hospital, Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital Affiliated with Zhejiang University, and the Children’s Hospital Affiliated with Zhejiang University, he has developed a number of recognition algorithm for intelligent diagnosis in medical imaging and the accuracy rate is close to that of world top doctors.