BISTU Holds Meeting on Academic Discipline Development in 2020

By Thu, 26 Nov 2020 GMT

Beijing, 25th November, 2020 (BISTU)— Attended by Secretary Wang Chuanliang of CCP BISTU Committee, President Wang Yongsheng, Deputy Secretary Zhou Zhicheng of CCP BISTU Committee, Vice President Zhang Lin and directors of relating divisions and offices, BISTU Meeting on Academic Discipline Construction & Meeting on the 5th Round Academic Discipline Appraisal successfully completes on Xiaoying Campus. The Meeting is hosted by Vice President Yu Shijie. 


Wang Chuanliang points out that the fifth round academic discipline appraisal is concerned with overall development and long-term planning of the University and thus we shall make it a top priority. And equal importance shall be attached to both appraisal and development, i.e., close connections shall be established between academic discipline appraisal and long-term development of the University. The year 2020, the final year of our 13th Five Year Plan, is also the year when the University is to hold the third Party Conference, makes the 14th Five Year Plan, and comprehensively designs planning for future development. The appraisal should act as the steering wheel for academic discipline development, the echo-meter of status quo of current academic disciplines, and the wind vane of quality of academic disciplines. The “double first-rate” construction is the guideline to which we shall firmly follow. The feature in information technology, embedded with featured development in the field of new generation information technology, smart manufacturing, national defense and military technology, humanities, and social sciences, shall be the major route of our development. We are to enhance the quality of academic disciplines and improve internal governance so as to lay a solid foundation for building a high level university with distinctive features in information technology. 

Wang Chuanliang stresses that firstly all faculties and staff shall enhance political awareness and thoroughly understand the implications and influence of this round academic discipline appraisal. Secondly, focus shall be laid on coordination and overall strategy. And thirdly, it is necessary to highlight long-term planning of the University for the purpose of building a high level university with distinctive features in information technology. 

The Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party has described a new prospect for the new course of comprehensively building a modernized socialist country. It is high time that we unite, collaborate, and spare no efforts to achieve the best we can! Says Wang Chuanliang. 

On behalf of the University, Wang Yongsheng comments that the following three aspects deserve great attention: 

Firstly, schools, divisions and offices shall attach great importance to appraisal of academic discipline. It is necessary to closely link the appraisal with mid-and-long-term strategy, goal and mission of the University. The appraisal would help us generalize the phased achievements we have made since the beginning of the 13th Five Year Plan so as to identify our weaknesses and to optimize the patter of our academic disciplines. Then the quality of academic disciplines would be improved and the features would be highlighted in respect of information technology, military technology, and industries. And the quality of talent cultivation would also be enhanced to better serve the strategic demand of Beijing and our nation. 

Secondly, it is necessary to take the appraisal seriously and calmly and keep focusing on both the appraisal and future development. We shall follow the principles, guidelines and pathways established during the 13th Five Year Plan and make sound preparations for the coming appraisal based on the latest requirements, system and standards. 

And thirdly, unity of and coordination among various divisions and offices of the whole university is requested. Centering on the goal of academic discipline appraisal, we are to establish a working mechanism which is “overall planned by the University, led by academic disciplines, interconnected with all schools and coordinated by all divisions and offices”. The preparations for academic discipline appraisal shall be made in a scientific, orderly, and effectively manner. 

Based on the University’s scheme on the fifth round academic discipline appraisal, Yu Shijie makes relating arrangements on overall planning and organization with regard to the appraisal and development of academic disciplines at the University. He also explains the indexes in the Appraisal scheme published by Ministry of Education.