BISTU Tops Peers in Competition Index of National Robotics Competition

By Tue, 17 Nov 2020 GMT


Beijing, 16th November, 2020 (BISTU)— BISUT tops all other 545 universities with 255 awards and prizes in national innovation competitions in robotics, as is in Competition Index of National Robotics Competition among Universities --- 2020 Version published by Engineering Education Committee of China Association of Higher Education and Robotics Institute of Zhejiang University on 14th November 2020.  


The Competition Index of National Robotics Competition among Universities collects 20 kinds of robotics competitions among universities and then establishes a two-dimensional appraisal model, i.e., number of awards and entries of competitions. In general, there are 546 universities attending various competitions and win awards, inclusive of 12 of the previously-985 Project institutions, 18 of the previously-211 institutions. And 13 of all universities are on the list of global first-rate university construction; 20 are on the list of global first-rate academic specialty construction. In terms of supervising institutions, 19 are supervised by Ministry of Education and 111 by provinces or local governments.  


Robotics competitions require cross-disciplinary coordination. BISTU is the very first university supervised by Beijing Municipal Government which has established robotics specialties, i.e., Robotic Engineering, Data Science and Big Data Technology, Artificial Intelligence, and Smart Sense Engineering. Centering on structure of robots, smart control, mobile communication, system integration, etc., the University has made fruitful attempts to cultivate innovative talents of robotics based on cross-disciplinary resources with BISTU academic strengths in machinery, automation, electronic information, instrumentation science, and computer science. The University has also built a new model of coordinated, multi-disciplinary engineering education.  

Cultivation of practical competence is closely connected to enterprise and social demands. Students are trained in real engineering environments and project to strengthen their practical competence. Such practice has achieved tremendous progress, which is proved by the fact that BISTU students have won quite a number of awards in various competitions.  

In the coming the 14th Five-year Plan, the University will upgrade the educational model in innovation and entrepreneurship and will follow the route of theoretical studies, innovation practice, real environment of projects, social service, and amounting to success. Students will be guided to think actively and be brave in innovation. Taking the opportunity of hosting and organizing North China Five Provinces Robotic Competition and Beijing Municipal Competition on Electronic Design, the University will further optimize projects in innovation and entrepreneurship. Reform will also be deepened in mode of talent cultivation, i.e., building a comprehensive cultivation model of “information plus general education plus cross-disciplinary knowledge”. Exploration will be conducted on future new mechanism of talent cultivation so as to constantly improve quality of talents.