Lesson One of BISTU 2020 New Semester Delivered by President Wang Yongsheng

By Sun, 27 Sep 2020 GMT


Beijing, 25th September, 2020 (BISTU)— Themed on “Adaptation, Growth, Innovation, and Endeavor”, President Wang Yongsheng delivers Lesson One for the new students enrolled in 2020. The Lesson One is hosted by Deputy Secretary Zhou Zhicheng of CCP BISTU Committee and is in live broadcast in three campuses, i.e., Xiaoying, Qinghe and Jianxiangqiao.  


The seminar starts by groups of data showing distributions of new students this year and best wishes and greetings are sent to 8 students who have their birthday today.  

Recalling the exceptional national entrance examination and the bravery of higher educational institutions in combating the coronavirus, Wang Yongsheng’s Lesson One commences. The Lesson One covers three aspects.  

Missions and responsibilities of universities in the changing times. Wang Yongsheng reviews origins of universities in the east and west and points out that a university shall have pure pursuit of knowledge while keeping a perfect personality. When talking about the hardship of university development in contemporary China, Wang Yongsheng stresses that “whenever, rich or poor, universities, faculties and staff, and students shall hold fast to the strengths of character of academe and patriotic sentiments. Individual development is to be integrated in the development course of our society and our times. We are to serve the people and the nation and then we are to realize our value and dream.” In his review of development, features, and functions of China’s higher education, Wang Yongsheng shows the fortitude and determination of higher education in China.  

Beginning of college life and BISTU in my eyes. Wang Yongsheng introduces to new students history of the University, university motto and emblem, development goals, and construction of the New Campus, with focus on information technology, military, industrial features of the University. Based on the requirements raised on 2018 National Conference on Undergraduate Education, Wang Yongsheng summarizes explorations and achievements BISTU has made in respect of innovative practice education, educational globalization, and campus culture. Wang Yongsheng also shares with new students BISTU’s contribution to mass pageantry in celebration of the 70th anniversary of founding of PRC and to containment of coronavirus epidemic.  

Shining youthful future at BISTU. Wang Yongsheng shares his thinking on future development of new students at BISTU in four aspects: firstly, diligence in learning and deliberation in thinking. Students shall soon adapt themselves to college life, learn independently, read more, develop interests, and conquer academic mountains. Secondly, love of life and enjoyment of excellence. Students shall conduct better self-management, focus on comprehensive development, be good at observing the world, enjoy the beauty of life, be polite, and be inclusive in life. Thirdly, innovation, coordination, mutual encouragement, and reciprocity. Students shall be brave to question the authorities, be good at collaboration, and be reciprocal. And fourthly, patriotism and serving the society. Students shall practice patriotism from trivial things, be brave in shouldering responsibilities, be loyal to our nation, and service the society.  

And Wang Yongsheng says to all new students that “you are expected to adapt yourselves to college life as quickly as possible. Please cherish your valuable time at university. I hope that you will learn what you want to learn, you will build up your professional skills, and you will love the world and the nation. We would like to work together with you to achieve our goal of ‘building the best university and making the best of ourselves’”.  



President Wang Yongsheng’s Lesson One is well accepted by all new students with tumultuous applauses. The Lesson One has triggered heated discussions among students.  

“Lesson One of the President really broadens my horizon. Particularly, contributions of universities, faculties and staff, students to containment of the epidemic deeply impress me. I l learn more about the power of responsibilities. Now I am a member of BISTU. I will join the family and carry forward the spirit of loving our nation and our people. I identify huge gaps between me and outstanding alumni. However, I will work even harder and will try my best to contribute to our nation with what I will learn.” says Dong Zhipeng from School of Instrumentation Science and Opto-electronics Engineering. 

Shen Meng from School of Information Management comments that “nine months’ combating the coronavirus finally leads us to BISTU. The President has told us that our teachers and students are fearless and have made selfless contributions to containment of the epidemic. I am deeply touched. And I am more aware of my missions and responsibilities. I will cherish more today’s life, set noble ambitions, and live up to my youth.” 

Li Xiaotong from School of Media and Public Administration says that “Lesson One of the President has offered a deeper understanding of ‘what a university is’. It also leads to further thinking of how to spend the following four years at college. I see glorious history of the university and one after another generation of BISTUers working diligently for the nation. I will for sure carry forward the spirit and fine tradition of BISTU and actively devote myself to the great cause of rejuvenation of great Chinese nation.” 

Guo Ziyi from School of Foreign Studies talks about Lesson One that “President Wang starts from history of universities and has taught us quite a lot about universities. The spirit of universities lies in love of the nation and the world. The role of universities is to nurture talents and contribute to the society. I sincerely hope that I will be more self-disciplined, build up my academic strengths, and broaden my horizon. I will remind myself ‘diligence in learning and honor for life’ and ‘looking up at the starry sky while standing on the solid ground’ at any minute. I will make my contributions to the society.”