Seize New Opportunities Make the Best of Youth

By Fri, 25 Sep 2020 GMT

President Wang Yongsheng  

24th September 2020   


Dear new students, dear faculties and staff, dear friends,  

Good morning! 

The autumn shower is followed by a fruitful season. The new hope is shining in the harvest. After combating the coronavirus for 9 months, Beijing’s smile is in full bloom and sends greetings to all new students. The beginning of the year saw menace of coronavirus epidemic. With firm leadership of the nation and the Party, the whole country unites together and has built a solid line of defense. As of today, the phased victory has been achieved. I am convinced that it remains an unforgettable, deeply impressive period of time for you who have just experienced home learning, online interview for postgraduate admissions, extension of national entrance examination to college, or going to examination rooms in heavy rain. I am very happy to see that you are still optimistic when facing with the disturbed order of your life. You have fought bravely and fearlessly. And now we meet each other at BISTU. At this moment, please allow me, on behalf of all BISTU students, faculties and staff, to extend my warmest welcome to you!  

These days, I see so many vigorous faces full of youthful spirit on campuses. I see expectations on your faces. And thus I feel the responsibility on my shoulder. The history of BISTU dates back to 1930s. The past 83 years have witnessed frequent changes happed to the University and the gradual growth of our strong strengths and features in information technology, industry, and military industry. The new round of science, technology and industrial revolution is ongoing in an increasing speed. The world is seeing in-depth integration between information technology and industrial development and the rapid development of the new generation of information technology represented by artificial intelligence, internet plus, and big data. BISTU is now working even harder to respond to the strategic demand of the nation and Beijing. We are developing the education in respect of new engineering and new arts and humanities. We are sparing no efforts to enhancing educational globalization to provide students with a better education environment which is more in line with development of industrial technology and future demands.  

Dear students, the moment you step into the campuses of BISTU, you have embarked on a new journey to your future. I would like to share with you what I have been thinking in the three aspects:  

Firstly, we shall be brave in shouldering our responsibilities and aspire to work for more noble ambitions. Most of the new students are post-95s or post-00s (born after 1995 or 2000). You are to achieve self-fulfillment in the best time of your youth. I think that firstly you shall establish noble ambitions for your youth. There is an old saying goes that all would be beautiful landscape is you look standing on the 80th-floor and the scenery would not be that beautiful if you choose a second floor balcony. On the surface, the gap between people includes intelligence quotient, emotional quotient, or luck. However, the fundamental gap is in our ambitions and planning. The late Professor Zhang Fuxue of BISTU had made up his mind as a young man that he would realize the dream of solidification of inertial devices. At the time, the research had to be conducted in the remote area of mountains. Despite of the hardship such as harsh conditions, isolate from the world and separation with his wife, Prof. Zhang finally successfully complete his research in five years and made outstanding contributions to national defense. The development of BISTU, therefore, is the achievement made by perspiration and contributions of one after another generation of BISTUers represented by Prof. Zhang. In a special historical period of achieving our “two centenary goals”, you are shouldering the historical mission given to you by the times and you are facing with the very rare opportunity of making the best of your life. I am sure you have noticed that a number of post-95s and post-00s have worked very hard on the frontline of combating the coronavirus. General Secretary Xi Jinping speaks highly of them that they actually show the power of youth and produce satisfactory answers to the times. The simple words of General Secretary Xi Jinping have profound implications. I sincerely hope that you will be like them: in the best time of your youth, you will set noble ambitions, work hard, shoulder your responsibilities, keep up pace with the times, and realize your value in the course of devoting to the nation.  


Secondly, we shall learn and think and be courageous to march forward. Realization of great ambitions depends on learning with perseverance. The fourth industrial revolution and a series of technological rifts between China and the US due to escalation of trade issues pose great challenges in front of all of us. Under such a context, China is in need of knowledge innovation more than ever. To realize your value in this special period, you have to learn in a more challenging way. For undergraduates, it is best if you could adapt yourselves as quickly as possible to college life and to the new learning environment. You shall better manage your majors, build your own system of knowledge, and cultivate your professional thinking and practical competence in your field. For postgraduates, the future three years will see your fundamental change from an amateur to a professional. It is hoped that you can start from your questions and uncertainties to develop your internal interest in professional knowledge. You are expected to form your own research plan as early as possible and to cultivate your competence in innovative learning. Of course it is easier said than done. Whether you are an undergraduate or postgraduate, innovative thinking and innovative competence cannot be cultivated without practice. BISTU has attached great importance to cultivation of students in innovative competence. Each summer holiday, the University will organize various activities to provide students with opportunities of conducting social surveys in all parts of China and of experiencing frontier technology. Wang Ning, CEO and founder of Keep Sports and a post-90s fellow student of you, is officially on the list of 30 under-30 industrial elites upon his graduation. Ji Yichao, also an alumnus, founds Peak Labs and attracts investment from Sequoia Capital. Their outstanding performance is based on not only their solid competence in professional learning but also their exquisite judgment on social development and future trends of technological innovation. In future learning, I hope that you will not be confined to the corner of your professional area or your interest. You shall establish broader vision of learning, keep pace with our times, pursue frontier knowledge, understand the future trends of technological development, and ponder the relationship between knowledge and application, between individual and our times, and between individual development and national development. You will be filled with the strength of marching forward and your youth will shine on a much wider spectrum.  

And thirdly, it is a must to attach enough importance to virtues and embark on the right journey to your future. “A country cannot prosper without virtues, nor can anyone succeed without virtues. Without shared core values, a nation and country will be at a loss to know what is right and what is wrong, and its people will have no code of conduct to follow, the result being that the nation and country can never progress”. Said General Secretary Xi Jinping. Similarly, a professional young man without virtues, no matter how professional he is, is no more than an egoist. Currently, the world is witnessing rapid development of new media and prevalence of entertainment culture. Consumerism is on sharp growth. A diversified grand environment makes people puzzled about virtues. In ivory towers, it is not rare to see utilitarianism, catch-up purchases, plagiarism, academic misconduct, dishonesty, and missing of sense of social responsibility. I sincerely hope that you would not be trapped in such bad ambiance. We often hear that “what the great learning teaches, is to illustrate illustrious virtue; to renovate the people; and to rest in the highest excellence.” I would say “the highest excellence” does not only refer to perfection in the structure of your knowledge but also refinement of your virtues and personalities. Just at the beginning of the new semester--- 4th September, 67 BISTU young volunteers have started their dedication to China International Fair for Trade in Services. During the coronavirus epidemic, over 3,000 BISTU graduating students, warmly and enthusiastically respond to the call of their hometowns to contribute to containment of the epidemic. I am deeply touched and impressed by their dedication and their unselfish services. I see in them the shining virtues. When inspecting Hunan University, General Secretary Xi Jinping has emphasized that young students are the main force who will take the historical responsibility on the new course of building socialist China. And therefore, as the youth of the New Era, I sincerely hope that you, in the following three or four years, will pay equal attention to building your personalities and perfecting your virtues while working hard for academic progress. I hope that you will make a firm first step of life and I am convinced that your youth will be a shining one!  


Dear students, the new life commences after the ceremony. It is hope that you will cherish the precious time, inherit and carry forward our motto “diligence in learning and honor for life”, and constantly perfect your knowledge structure. You will also constantly broaden your horizons, seize all new opportunities, and make your youth a special one! You have chosen to study with BISTU and that is your trust in us. The University will never disappoint you!  

Thank you all!