BISTU Student Liu Guanyu Volunteer for Battle Against Novel Coronavirus in the US

By Wed, 26 Feb 2020 GMT

Beijing, 13th January, 2020 (BISTU)— Message from University of California, Riverside (UCR) speaks highly of Liu Guanyu, a BISTU student currently in exchange program at UCR, for his bravery in the battle against novel coronavirus in the US in respect of volunteering activities and contribution to transportation of goods to people in need of help. During this particular period when China is investing huge efforts in fighting against novel coronavirus, Liu Guanyu attends the volunteering activity of resources donation organized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs the moment he hears of the news. 

Liu Guanyu enrolled in Financial Management at School of Economics and Management of BISTU in 2016 and attended the exchange program between UCR and BISTU in September 2019. He joins service center for transportation of resources donated by overseas Chinese in the US. At the beginning of the pandemic, overseas Chinese have started to purchase a large quantity of protection supplies for coronavirus and shipped them back to China to show their support for Chinese battle against the novel coronavirus. With his professional training, Liu Guanyu sorts out serial numbers of these donated resources with computer, which offers convenience for people on both ends to check real-time progress of delivery. 

When talking about volunteering activities on fighting against novel coronavirus, Liu Guanyu says that he is always concerned about progress of pandemic control at BISTU and in China. The volunteering activities have brought him to the real, powerful cohesive strengths among Chinese people. People who donate resources and people who volunteer for donation of resources are all overseas Chinese living in Los Angeles or neighboring areas. They hope to contribute to supporting the battle against the pandemic in China. 

We are paying our respects to these overseas Chinese who are currently abroad and who are always concerned about our motherland!