BISTU Holds Conference on New Semester and Academic Discipline Construction

By Fri, 30 Aug 2019 GMT


Beijing, 30th August, 2019, (BISTU)— The Conference on New Semester and Academic Discipline Construction in 2019 successfully completes on 30th August 2019 on Xiaoying Campus. Hosted by Vice President Yu Shijie, the Conference is attended by all senior administrators of the University, all directors and deputies of divisions and offices, members of degree committee, members of academic affairs committee, members of teaching affairs committee, academic leaders of first-tier disciplines, chairs of postgraduate programs, representatives of faculties and representatives of students.  


Secretary General Wang Chuanliang of CPC BISTU Committee delivers a keynote speech and he stresses that we shall seize available opportunities as many as possible. He says that development of the University shall be viewed from other perspectives than self-perspective. We shall combine internal environment with external one and seize all possible opportunities to achieve super normal, big-stride development so as to build a high level university with distinctive feature in information technology. Firstly we shall conform to the trend of our times. We are now in a new era and shouldering new responsibilities. It is necessary that we shall keep up pace with the times and make achievements which would match our position in one of the best universities of the nation. Secondly, we shall follow the trend and rise as quickly as possible. We have to open to outside world, provide quality service, and make quality contributions. And thirdly, we shall try to achieve the best while keeping ourselves in the frontier of the trend of times. China is now in one of the best time periods of development. It is our opportunity to develop. Conditions are now ripe and success will follow.    

Wang Chuanliang points out that focus shall be laid upon bottleneck of the University so as to achieve breakthroughs. Firstly, we shall be target-oriented. Our objective is explicit: getting approval for doctoral programs and achieving good results in the fifth round academic discipline appraisal. Secondly, we shall be feature-oriented. Academic clusters such as new generation information technology and smart equipment, smart control and system, and big-data-based smart decision-making and knowledge management deserve enough attention from us. Thirdly, we shall be issue-oriented. We are still facing with some problems. Our academic disciplines are not very much concentrating on information technology. We are in need of high level talents. And we are yet to produce high level achievements in science and technology. Fourthly, we shall be service-oriented. We shall link our academic resources and strengths with strategic demand of Beijing and of the nation. We shall work closely together with peer institutions, particularly universities directly supervised by Ministry of Education. And fifthly, we shall lay emphasis on team building. We are to attract more high level talents and build an orderly, vital platform for learning, working and everyday life. “Building a best university and getting the best of ourselves” is our objective.  

Wang Chuanliang stresses that we shall facilitate super normal, big-stride development. With regard to key issues in the coming semester, he points out that political construction shall take the lead when we comprehensively strengthen the Party’s leadership. Highlighted is our quality service provided for celebrations of the 70th anniversary of founding of People’s Republic of China. We shall “keep a beginners’ mind and bear in mind our missions”. We shall continue to enhance “construction of five environments”. And we shall strictly control various risks to guarantee safety and security. He lays particular emphasis upon disciplinary inspection and says that we shall make sure to improve all issues in this regard.    

Wang Chuanliang also informs participants of the conference of democratic meeting of BISTU senior administrators on strengthening political construction of the Party held in July 2019.  


Titled “Taking the Opportunity of “Doctoral Program Approval and Academic Discipline Appraisal”, Strengthening Features, Enhancing Quality, Facilitating Integration and Constructing High-level Academic Disciplines so as to Build A High-level University with Distinctive Feature in Information Technology”, the report of President Wang Yongsheng firstly reviews and summarizes academic discipline construction and achievements since 2017.  He points out that the University has made outstanding achievements in recent years. Targeting development demand of Beijing and the State and considering our objective of getting approved for doctoral programs, we have strengthened our feature in information technology, perfected our academic disciplinary layout, steadily improved our postgraduate education, and enhanced our teams and academic research competence.    

Wang Yongsheng briefly explains latest policies of the State and Beijing in academic discipline construction since 2017 and analyzes major issues with which BISTU face in academic discipline construction. He expresses that current problems are that level of academic discipline construction is not high enough, academic teams are not powerful enough, innovation competence in science and technology is yet to improve, and quality of postgraduate education is to be further raised. He stresses that we shall be more politically aware of the situation and be more seriously in reflecting our mission and vision. We shall view our mission and vision in the grand situation of higher educational development of the nation. Focuses shall be put on a development pathway leading to the guideline of education with focus on morality, the demand of the nation, orientation of Beijing as a megacity, the feature of our university, and our future.    

With regard to future thinking on academic discipline construction, Wang Yongsheng emphasizes that we shall take the opportunity of doctoral program approval and academic discipline appraisal to build a high level system for academic discipline construction. The fundamental attention shall be paid to education with focus on morality. Quality of postgraduate education shall be improved. Team building shall be strengthened together with academic research so as to contribute more to our society. We shall also expand and extend communication and exchange and build even better academic reputation.    

On issues relating to doctoral program approval and academic discipline appraisal, Wang Yongsheng requests that all divisions and offices of the University shall work wholeheartedly, unanimously, actively and vigorously in political and academic field. We are to get our doctoral programs approved with all efforts invested. And we shall also make breakthroughs in sustainable development of our academic disciplines.


Reports on basic information, research pathways, features and strengths, and current problems & future thinking of in four academic disciplines, i.e., instrumentation science and technology, control science and engineering, mechanical engineering, and management science engineering, are respectively delivered by Zhu Lianqing, Su Zhong, Huang Min and Zhang Jian, academic leaders of the four disciplines.  



A number of advisory opinions are proposed by all participants during the discussions centering on report by the President and issues relating to the fifth round of academic discipline appraisal and approval of doctoral programs.