Loving the Nation, Inscribing Youth in Memory, and Fostering Noble Spirit---

By Sun, 30 Jun 2019 GMT


Loving the Nation, Inscribing Youth in Memory, and Fostering Noble Spirit 

         Address of President Wang Yongsheng on Graduation Ceremony for Graduating Students in 2019  

28th June, 2019    

Dear colleagues, Dear parents of students, Dear graduating students,  

Good morning! 

Today, we happily gather here to celebrate graduation ceremony for students graduating from BISTU in 2019 and to witness successful graduation of 2,561 undergraduate students and 459 postgraduate students who are to embark on new journeys of their life. First of all, on behalf of the University, I would like to extend the warmest congratulations to all graduating students and the most sincere gratitude and high tribute to parents and faculties and staff who have spared no efforts to supporting your growth!  

BISTU campuses in recent days have seen hugs, group photos, best wishes, and wonderful expectations of future among students, which reminds me of the day when you firstly arrived at BISTU. I was then just moved to BISTU. Still vivid in my memory is the September of 2015 when you are very young and energetic on opening ceremony. It is as if in a blink of eye that you are now in high and vigorous spirits and are ready for your bright future. I am grateful to the fate and destiny which bring us together in one university and which offer me valuable opportunities to play a role in your growth.  

Time flies by like a song gradually fading away. When you are with BISTU, the University embarks on a new journey--- building a high level university with distinctive feature in information technology--- guided by “construction of five environments”. With your witness and participation, the University is now striding forward along a pathway of featured development: we focus on our own strengths and features, closely connect our academic development with national key strategy, center on building Beijing as “four centers”, uphold the principle of “education with focus on morality”, invest more effort in developing academic disciplines and programs, foster educational globalization, build better emotional environment, and strengthen cooperation with local government, other institutions, and enterprises. The past four years have witnessed your growth at the University with our common motto: diligence in learning and honor for life. Peng Yuanyuan, a postgraduate student of School of Computer Science, has published a number of essays, had a number of patents approved, and had her project applied in listed companies owing to her hard work and intelligence. Zhang Chong from School of Automation and Yin Fan from School of Communication Engineering have been responsible for state-level innovative projects, published high level academic essays, and recommended to do field research in labs of Peking University and Chinese Academy of Sciences. And finally they are listed in postgraduate recommendation for their preeminent academic innovation and potential. Zhao Yingran from School of Media and Public Administration and Zhang Xinyi from School of Instrumentation Science and Opto-electronics Engineering are very active in helping others and identifying values of life in dedication and devotion. There are numerous students like them. Though I cannot name them one by one, I know that you have become a better self on the pathway of learning with your exploration and perspiration. I am firmly convinced that you, the growing young generation, are the most beautiful landscape of BISTU and the best business card of BISTU! I hereby would like to propose that the warmest applause be sent to ourselves for our perspiration and harvest and to our parents and teachers who have worked really hard to support us!  

The youth is always there and the past days would be the most beautiful memories. While the echo of May is still sounding, you are embarking on a new journey to dream. As your teacher and your President, I would like to share with you the following thoughts:  

Firstly, I sincerely hope that you will always love our motherland. President Xi Jinping has pointed out that both history and reality has shown that the nation would have hope and future if the young generation is ambitious and responsible. It is true. You are not only a pebble in the big tide of national development. Rather, you are contributors and participants of national construction. BISTU has a teacher named Zhang Fuxue. About 40 years ago, Mr. Zhang was sent to the forests and mountains of Sichuan province to conduct research on miniaturization of Qian Xuesen inertia devices. And finally he successfully develops piezoelectric gyroscope after hundreds of experiments in five years. It is indelible contribution to the cause of national defense! It has been two years since Mr. Zhang passed away. However, we shall always bear his love for the nation in mind. What make me very happy is that students are now offering new powerful explanation of loving the nation: they are represented by Li He from School of Electromechanical Engineering, Zhan Zupei from School of Instrumentation Science and Opto-electronics Engineering, and Wu Qinchen from Marxism School. They devote themselves to major projects of the State or local governments, or choose to work in grassroots units to fight poverty. Love for the nation is the most deeply-felt, enduring feeling. As educational globalization of the University goes forward, a lot of students now have the opportunity of learning in famous universities of various countries. They are proud of being a Chinese citizen in that China is gradually walking toward the center of world stage. Therefore, in the following years, no matter what changes may happen, I sincerely hope that you will uphold correct view on history and nation, foster deeply-felt love for the nation, and seek the ways to realize your value in development of our country. I am convinced that your youth will then become more fulfilling and more uplifting!  

Secondly, I hope that you will forever memorize your dream in youth. Jack Ma has said that in the future, i.e., a programming world, all procedural, programmed jobs will be replaced by robots. What we need to do is to make people enjoy the life and make machines complete their missions. It is true that programmed, non-creative jobs would be replaced by artificial intelligence and demand would soar up in non-programmed, innovative jobs. Therefore, your youth is destined to be entrepreneurial and innovative. I am pretty proud that a lot of students, with guidance and help of faculties and prefects, have played a leading role in entrepreneurship and innovation. Let me name just a few: Su Yiheng and his team of family service robot, Jin Junjie and Yang Qi, together with their brainwave wheelchair team, Jiang Bo, Zhang Wenping and Li Xunhao and their UAV team… your high and vigorous spirits, your dedication to your dreams, and your courage and perspiration have made BISTU campus an even more beautiful, shining place. Now the world is seeing a new round of revolution in science, technology and industry. People’s life, learning, work, or even ways of thinking are being re-constructed. Structure, labor division and organization of a lot of industries will undergo dramatic changes. Once out of the campus, you will immediately become participants and contributors of this reform. There would be a long way ahead, or hardship is waiting for you. However, I hope that you keep a beginner’s mind as you do today at BISTU. I hope that you will invest yourselves in more innovative, more valuable causes while broadening your horizon, learning new knowledge, and throwing away short-term, utilitarian goals so as to make breakthroughs in new technology, facilitate reform in new industries, and promote birth of new types of operations! Opportunities are always ready for you only if you keep being ambitious and hardworking!  

Thirdly, I hope that you would foster noble spirit. Late autumn of last year, Louis Cha (Jin Yong) left this world. His tales of roving knights have served a number of generations. I think most of you have read his books. Swordsmen in those books, such as Guo Jing who died a martyr with Xiangyang City and Qiao Feng who devoted his life to peace, have greatly resonated in Chinese people around the world. Mencius has said: "I understand words (zhi yan). I am good at cultivating my floodlike qi (the noble spirit which is supremely great and supremely unyielding)." It is the noble spirit that keeps China growing stronger and stronger and that enable the nation to witness an unbroken line of fallen heroes who fight for righteous causes. An epoch is coming. However, the core of traditional Chinese culture remains the same, justice and good conscience remain unchanged, and people’s yearning for the true, the good and the beautiful is still there! After graduation, you will be working in all corners of the country. Maybe you will become very famous, be very successful in business, or make your contributions on your ordinary jobs. Wherever you are, whatever jobs you may take, I sincerely hope that you keep fostering noble spirit and be a righteous man! When facing with matters of principle, you shall be brave enough to stick to your stance. When facing with difficulties, you shall be brave enough to overcome them. When facing with crisis, you shall bravely step forward. And when facing with mistakes, you shall be brave enough to shoulder responsibilities. You shall keep your moral bottom line and be honest and trustworthy so as to pursue the true, the good, and the beautiful! It is both my expectation upon you and your responsibilities.  

Following the ceremony, you will start a new trip of your life. We have enjoyed four years here at BISTU. Now it is time to say goodbye. As President of BISTU, I sincerely hope that love of the nation, dream of the youth and noble spirit will be with you and help you with your career. Then you will be encouraging legends of future BISTU students. I hereby send my best wishes to all of you that you shall never stop trying on the way of realizing your dreams! The alma mater is your home and will stay with you for ever!  

In the end, may all of you harvest what you dream of in the future!