Wang Yongsheng Meets with Delegation of Rochester Institute of Technology

By Wed, 26 Jun 2019 GMT

Beijing, 25th June, 2019, (BISTU)— Collaboration between BISTU and Rochester Institute of Technology is fully, effectively explored on the meeting on 25th June between President Wang Yongsheng and the delegation headed by Dr. James Myers, Associate Provost of International Education at Rochester Institute of Technology.  


Following his warmest welcome, Wang Yongsheng offers a brief introduction to BISTU. He says that Rochester Institute of Technology and BISTU highly are highly consistent with each other in principles of talent cultivation, programs, academic disciplines, academic research, and industry-university collaboration, which lays solid foundation for future cooperation in these areas. And Dr. Myers’ visit also produces precious opportunities for smooth progress of the cooperation. Wang Yongsheng hopes that both institutions continue to strengthen exchange and communication, conduct mutual complementary collaboration in fields of interests of both parties, and achieve comprehensive collaboration between the two institutions in a broader scope of areas, on high level, and on multilayers.  


Dr. Myers introduces Rochester Institute of Technology. He expresses that natural basis for collaboration between the two institutions has been built owing to high consistence in almost all fields. He suggests that inter-university cooperative agreement be signed in a timely manner and joint programs on undergraduate and postgraduate level be initiated as soon as possible. He also welcomes students and faculties of BISTU to visit Rochester Institute of Technology for mutual visit and exchange.  

The meeting is also attended by Director Mi Jie of Academic Affairs’ Office, Executive Vice Dean Wang Xingfen of Postgraduate School, Director Lu Jing of International Cooperation Department, and Dean Cao Lin of School of Communication Engineering.