Network Engineering Successfully Passes China Engineering Education Accreditation

By Tue, 25 Jun 2019 GMT

Beijing, 24th June, 2019, (BISTU)— Network Engineering, a course run at BISTU, successfully passes China Engineering Education Accreditation as is announced by China Engineering Education Accreditation Association. As of today only 6 out of over 400 network engineering courses have been accredited. It is also the first course of BISTU that has been accredited by China Engineering Education Accreditation Association.  



On-site observation is conducted from 7th to 9th November, 2018 by expert committee of China Engineering Education Accreditation Association at BISTU and a very good result has been achieved then through a series of observations on teaching facilities, documentation, seminars, class teaching, etc.  

Established in 2008, Network Engineering is successfully listed in Cultivation Plan of Engineers of Excellence of Ministry of Education and starts to enroll first-tier high-school graduates in 2014. The Course is deeply rooted in Beijing, oriented towards industries, and keeping pace with the times. It firmly upholds outcome based education (OBE) and has established a regulated, sound system of talent cultivation and teaching management, which has served network engineering and information industry with over 600 quality graduates.  



According to School of Computer Science, they will firmly implement the spirit of President Xi Jinping’s keynote speech on National Conference on Education, keep moving on the student-centered pathway, push forward reform of education, enhance comprehensive quality of talent cultivation, and strive to get more courses accredited so as to make greater contributions to building a high level university with distinctive feature in information.  

Engineering Education Accreditation is a globally-accepted, globally-recognized system for quality assurance in engineering education. It also serves as important foundation for mutual recognition of engineering education and qualifications of engineers. BISTU has attached great importance to the accreditation. With support of Academic Affairs’ Office and other relating divisions, BISTU has had 5 courses accredited in the field of engineering education.