BISTU Holds Conference on Postgraduate Admissions in 2019

By Thu, 30 May 2019 GMT

Beijing, 29th May, 2019, (BISTU)— Summing-up Meeting for postgraduate admissions in 2019 successfully concludes on 29th May at Library of Xiaoying Campus. The meeting is hosted by President Wang Yongsheng and attended by all members of Working Group for Postgraduate Admissions, deans of all schools and vice deans responsible for admissions.


Firstly Wang Yongsheng positively comments on achievements that BISTU has made in postgraduate admissions in 2019 in respect of organization, leadership, regulation, management and acceptance and extends sincere thanks to all faculties and staff who have contributed to postgraduate admissions.  


Wang Yongsheng points out that quality of candidates’ quality is crucial to construction and development of our academic disciplines. And the key to raising candidates’ quality is to “be ourselves”, i.e., we shall constantly enhance quality of our talent cultivation and train and help students find better jobs. With regard to future work, he raises three requirements: firstly, all must strengthen political awareness. Secondly, all schools shall keep learning information and knowledge about postgraduate admission based on new situations and contexts of BISTU development. All rules and regulations must be strictly followed. And thirdly, schools and administrative divisions shall work closely together to ensure smooth progress of postgraduate admissions.  


Chen Qinghua, member of Standing Commission of CPC BISTU Committee and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of CPC BISTU Committee, offers an introduction to illegal cases concerning postgraduate admission in recent years. She stresses that issues regarding postgraduate admissions are focus of the whole society. It is concerned with BISTU reputation and deserves high-degree attention of all schools. We have to further perfect the mechanism and extremely strictly follow all rules and procedures.  

Executive Vice Dean Wang Xingfen of Postgraduate School produces an introduction to postgraduate admissions in 2019 in respect of organizing committee, leadership, system and mechanism, rules and regulations, publicity, entrance examination, etc. and offers analysis on potential issues in number and quality of postgraduate candidates who will choose to apply for programs at BISTU.  

Experiences on postgraduate admissions are shared by Dean Zhang Yangsen of School of Information Management and Vice Dean Lou Xiaoping of School of Instrumentation Science and Opto-electronics Engineering.