BISTU Conference on Undergraduate Education Successfully Completes

By Thu, 18 Apr 2019 GMT 

Beijing, 17th April, 2019, (BISTU)— The 2019 BISTU Conference on Undergraduate Education, addressed by General Secretary Wang Chuanliang of CPC BISTU Committee and President Wang Yongsheng and hosted by Vice President Chen Gang, successfully concludes at Xiaoying Campus on 17th April 2019. 

Wang Chuanliang produces an in-depth analysis on development situation of national and Beijing education, proposes principles and orientation for adapting to the situation, deepening comprehensive reform, and enhancing undergraduate teaching, and raises new requirements on education with focus on morality in the New Era. Firstly, we must firmly grasp requirements of the New Era and firmly implement guidelines of the Party for education. He stresses that we have to review the macro-situation of higher educational development of the whole times and the whole nation to seize opportunities and facilitate development. With particular emphasis on three core points of President Xi Jinping’s key addresses on education, he points out that overall leadership of the Party over education shall be strengthened and comprehensive educational reform shall be deepened. Secondly, the fundamental mission of education with focus on morality shall be borne by us and we shall also strive for improving quality of talent cultivation. He points out that quality of talent cultivation at BISTU shall be further enhanced. Undergraduate education is the root, based on which the correct and appropriate principles of education is established. We shall hold fast to featured development in education and build a faculty team of excellence. And thirdly, it is necessary to comprehensively deepen reform and facilitate super normal, big-stride development of the University. He stresses that the University shall be guided by “Double-first class” initiative and “construction of five environments”, attach importance to key fields and sections, deepen comprehensive reform, break institutional barriers for development, and facilitate quality development, featured development, and differentiated development of the University. Following student-centered principle, we shall optimize governance environment and build clean and positive educational environment. Wang Chuanliang hopes that all faculties and staff of BISTU shall bear in mind the mission “making contributions instead of making oneself indispensible ” so as to facilitate undergraduate teaching and education, improve quality of talent cultivation, promote super normal, big-stride development of BISTU, and pay tribute to the 70th anniversary of foundation of People’s Republic of China. 

Wang Yongsheng addresses in the Conference with a report themed on “Undergraduate Education as the Foundation: Actively Planning and Promoting Class Teaching Reform to Comprehensively Improve Quality of Talent Cultivation”. It generalizes achievements of teaching and education of the University, offers an in-depth analysis on the situation with which undergraduate teaching faces, and raises requests on undergraduate teaching particularly reform of class teaching. Firstly, we shall understand the new situation and clarify new requirements. Wang Yongsheng points out that it is the fundamental mission and responsibility for higher educational institutions in the New Era to facilitate educational modernization, spare no efforts to cultivating talents as are demanded by social development, knowledge accumulation, culture inheritance, national existence and development, and institutional development, and nurture builders and successors of socialism. With regard to requirements of reform and development of higher education, we shall comprehensively promote undergraduate education reform with new ideas, new standards, and new moves. Secondly, we shall summarize our achievements, locate problems, and firmly implement the fundamental mission in education with focus on morality. The past year has witnessed continuous optimization in talent cultivation system, successful passage of appraisal of undergraduate teaching, improvement of academic program building, continuous enhancement of students’ competence in practice and innovation, and expansion and extension of international horizon of students. He stresses that the core role of undergraduate teaching shall be further strengthened with focus on problems in class-teaching which are to be solved in an immediate manner. And thirdly, undergraduate education serves as the foundation of BISTU education. It is necessary for us to build better classes and endeavor to offer better education with students. He points out that we shall firmly uphold new principles and ideas on education and keep a beginner’s mind for education. In addition to constructing scientific system for academic programs, we shall improve quality of academic discipline construction, promote reform on class teaching, re-shape our teaching and education, strengthen faculty team building, improve overall quality of class teaching, build a coordinated mechanism of education, and explore new models for field practice. We shall start from reform on class teaching so as to facilitate further improvements and achievements in undergraduate education at BISTU. 

Chen Gang explains a series of activities to be held and organized for reform and development of undergraduate teaching. The meeting is also attended by all BISTU senior administrators, directors of divisions and offices, deans of schools, department chairs, head of labs and centers, representatives of faculties, and representatives of students.