Cooperation Advanced between UCC and BISTU

By Sat, 24 Oct 2015 GMT

Beijing, 23rd October, 2015(BISTU) --- Vice President Feng Xichun met with University College Cork (UCC) delegation led by President John O’Halloran. The two universities discussed on expanding scope of cooperation, the project of external training, and course mapping.



Feng Xichun extended his warm welcome to President John O’Halloran and his delegation and gratitude to UCC colleagues for their generous support with students’ exchange programmes in the past years. John O’Halloran said that he felt it an honour to work with BISTU for many years. The cooperation between the two institutions went smoothly and has been continuously expanded in scope and diversified in forms. He assured Feng Xichun that BISTU students were outstanding ones and they adapted themselves very quickly to life the study with UCC.


Deputy Director of Academic Affairs Office Yan Jian introduced generation situation with external training and the issues to be tackled with in the future. Consensus has been reached on issues like students’ exchange, dual degree, graduation design, and final thesis, with exchange and communication between UCC delegation and Vice Dean of Computer Sciences School Zhang Wei, Vice Dean of Sciences School Xue Chunyan, and Prof. Wang Bin of School of Economics and Management.


A meeting was also arranged for UCC delegation and all prospectus students for 2016 external training programme. Students raised a number of questions on the areas of their concern. UCC International Office Emma answered these questions in detail and said that UCC looked forward to welcoming them in the next year.


 Lu Jing, Director of International Office also attended the meeting.