Three BISTU Projects Win Beijing Science and Technology Award

By Mon, 27 Sep 2021 GMT

Beijing, 27th September, 2021 (BISTU)—  List of award winners in Beijing Science and Technology Award published on 25th September 2021 shows that three BISTU projects are winners owing to excellence of their achievements. The three projects include a second prize winner “key technology and application of intelligent Chinese text proofreading in diversified scenarios” by Zhang Yangsen and team members, a first prize winner “development and application for intelligent scheduling system of robots in logistic centers of big E-businesses” by Prof. Huang Min and team members, and second prize winner “research and application of facilities and techniques of spinning with tension of extra-long cylinders” participated by Ji Yongjian of Beijing Key Lab of Electromechanical System Measurement and Control.  

The “key technology and application of intelligent Chinese text proofreading in diversified scenarios” targets at possible errors in keyboard input, OCR identification, speech recognition, machine translation, automatic writing, etc. and produces multi-layered cross-field solutions to text proofreading system in word processing, electronic publication, and internet. It has made innovative progress in the field of politics-related vocabulary, sensitive vocabulary, and text covert communication. The achievement has been applied to word processing, publication, news media, and governmental websites of public sectors inclusive of ministries, symbolizing a new milestone of BISTU in the field of artificial intelligence natural language process.  

Beijing Science and Technology Award aims at encouraging individuals and organizations who have made outstanding contributions to science and technology progress. The 2020 award includes 14 scientists and 150 projects, i.e., 35 awards for natural sciences inclusive of 8 first prizes and 27 second prizes, 11 awards for technological invention inclusive of 5 first prizes and 6 second prizes, and 104 awards for science and technology progress inclusive of 35 first prizes and 69 second prizes.  

Recent years have witnessed BISTU in making contributions to national strategy and development of science and technology in Beijing with abundant research achievements. Taking the award-winning as an opportunity, the University will highlight academic strengths to provide substantial support with our goal of building a high level university with distinctive features in information technology.