BISTU Honored with First Prize for Science and Technology Advancement in 2020 of China Instrument and Control Society

By Fri, 25 Dec 2020 GMT

Beijing, 25th December, 2020 (BISTU)“Key Technology on Online Monitoring Instrumentation System of Oil Liquids and Fault Warning for Off-road Vehicles”, a project headed by Prof. Wang Liyong, Head of Municipal Key Lab of Mechanical Electronic System Detection and Control of BISTU, wins the First Prize for Science and Technology Advancement in 2020 of China Instrument and Control Society on the annual meeting of the Society held 24th December 2020. The awards are presented by Academician You Zheng, President of the Society and Vice President of Tsinghua University.

This award-winning project provides feasible solutions to problems in warning identification and fault warning for armored cars, drill trucks, and rider-type trucks by online oil liquid monitoring. It has initiated innovative studies in respect of developing high-sensitivity wear particle detection sensors, identifying fault signals of complex mechanic-electric-hydraulic system, and fault diagnosis of multi-information infusion. The online oil liquid detection system offers satisfactory solutions to fault warning problems of actuating systems of special purpose vehicles and drill trucks.

Awards for Science and Technology Advancement of China Instrument and Control Society are approved by Ministry of Science and Technology and cover the whole area of instrumentation and control. The First Prize that BISTU wins symbolizes great progress and major breakthrough of the University in respect of detection and control technology for vehicles and diagnosis and monitoring of equipment.

The year 2020 has witnessed that BISTU wins 42 awards and prizes of various levels. It serves as a great opportunity for the University to further invest in science and technology research, enhance team building in academic research, bring into full play of academic strengths, and strive for high-level research achievements so as to offer support with our goal of building a high level, research-oriented university with distinctive features in information technology.