Message to All BISTU Students Faculties and Staff

By Wed, 29 Jan 2020 GMT

Beijing, 28th January, 2020 (BISTU)  

Dear Students, Faculties and Staff,  

Chinese New Year is a season for family reunion. On this joyous moment, we are unfortunately stopped halfway home by sudden attack of coronavirus. Since the beginning of the pandemic, General Secretary Xi Jinping of the CPC Central Committee is concerned about progress in control of the pandemic and has made significant successive instructions. CPC Central Committee and State Council in the first place have made arrangements on plague prevention and strong, effective measures have been taken to strengthen control of the virus. CPC Beijing Municipal Committee and Beijing Municipal Government also attach great importance and working arrangements on virus control have been produced by Education Working Committee of CPC Beijing Municipal Committee and Beijing Municipal Educational Commission. CPC BISTU Committee puts a new premium on this matter. Directed by Secretary General Wang Chuanliang of CPC BISTU Committee and President Wang Yongsheng, the University has conveyed decisions of CPC Central Committee and CPC Beijing Municipal Committee in a timely manner and has established 8 working groups including all senior administrators for control of the virus. Working conferences are organized respectively on 23rd, 26th and 28th of January. Working plans have been made, isolation spots designated, and closed-end management conducted on campuses. Deans of schools, directors and deputies of divisions and offices, and relating staff and faculties are now at the University and sparing no efforts to controlling and preventing the coronavirus. And the University has decided that that school opening of 2020 Spring semester is delayed. All students, inclusive of undergraduates, postgraduates, joint program students, and international students, are not allowed to go back to the University until further notice on the concrete date published on school opening.  

Follow orders and perform duties. All students are advised to stay at home until further notice. And it is suggested that all students actively cooperate with management and arrangements of local authorities and communities. In principle BISTU faculties and staff would come back to work on normal school opening day and they shall check their body temperature for 14 days in a row. Isolation at home, or at the arranged place, is suggested if there is a known physical abnormality. Nobody can be an onlooker of the pandemic and it is a matter of life and death. The winter holiday is a golden window period for preventing the virus from spreading. And therefore delay of school opening is the best we can do for this emergency period. All faculties, staff and students shall be fully aware of the severe situation and work together to control the virus.  

As fewer reunions as possible and attaching importance to hygiene. Life is the most precious and health enjoys top priority. The University hopes that you shall stay at home as long as possible. Reunion of families, relatives and friends could be held online. It is a wise choice to respond to the coronavirus instead of indifference. We shall wash our hands often, maintain proper ventilation of rooms, wear masks, and attach importance to hygiene. We shall keep self-testing. If physical abnormality turns up, do not panic and visit the designated hospitals which are closest to you.  

Keep frequent contact with the University. The University currently cannot welcome you back to campuses. However, we are with you every minute. The University will keep close contacts with every student via mentors and supervising tutors, keep you informed of latest progress in virus control, help you solve your problems, and ease your worries. Should you have any questions or problems, please consult your mentors and supervising tutors in the first place. The University will make reasonable schemes for teaching and research for the spring semester and try our best to reduce effect of the pandemic upon us. Also disinfection and sterilization will be conducted on regular basis on campuses to welcome you back to school after the virus is controlled.  

Build confidence and collective strengths. Our confidence originates from firm, correct leadership of General Secretary Xi Jinping and CPC Central Committee, superiority of socialist system with Chinese characteristics, and scientific arrangement and resolute implementation of central policies. Medical teams from Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Guangdong, etc., start off for pandemic areas the moment the coronavirus broke out. Help and support are from all corners of the country. A large number of BISTU faculties and staff sacrifice their holidays and return to BISTU to work diligently for control of the pandemic. It is hoped that all students, faculties and staff contribute to social services and build up a better image of the University while safeguarding their personal health and safety. We firmly hold that party organizations of all levels and party members would play important, decisive roles, with leadership of CPC Central Committee, in prevention of coronavirus. With collective efforts of the whole nation, we are sure to win this battle against coronavirus.  

All students, faculties and staff of the University will work actively and closely together for prevention of coronavirus. We will coordinate with each other and our wills unite like a fortress. We will carry forward the fine tradition of team spirit and of being courageous in completing formidable tasks. A new spring will start from our unity. The spirit of pulling together in times of pandemic and sticking together through thick and thin will turn into invaluable spiritual strengths of BISTU and will help us embark on a new journey to future successes! 

We sincerely wish the best for everyone and for the nation to conquer the pandemic in no time.  

CPC BISTU Committee 

28th January 2020