Wang Chuanliang Conducts Survey on Poverty Alleviation in Yanqing District

By Mon, 10 Jun 2019 GMT

Beijing, 8th June, 2019, (BISTU)— BISTU delegation headed by Secretary General Wang Chuanliang of CPC BISTU Committee visits Yanqing District on work in poverty alleviation on 6th June. The delegation members include Vice President Liu Yong, Vice President Chen Gang, Member of Standing Commission of CPC BISTU Committee Lu Lei (also Director of Organizational Department), and directors of General Administration Office, Publicity Department, Office for Scientific Research, Human Resources Office, Financial Office, Office for Logistics Management, and Information and Network Center.  

Wang Chuanliang firstly visits Exhibition Center for City Planning of Yanqing where development history and current progress of Yanqing is displayed, especially building and operation of World Horticultural Exposition 2019. Then the Delegation visits display center for 2022 Winter Olympics and 2022 Winter Paralympics to learn more about contributions which Yanqing District has made to serving development of Beijing.


Then Wang Chuanliang Meets with Secretary General Mu Peng of CPC Yanqing District Committee. Wang Chuanliang expresses that in response to the call of CPC Beijing Municipal Committee based on important statements of President Xi Jinping on poverty alleviation, BISTU actively works with grassroots institutions and is devoted to poverty alleviation. Meanwhile, to implement the fundamental mission of developing education with focus on morality, it is necessary to organically connect theories with practice. The survey is an important opportunity for BISTU to learn from grassroots and the mass. In the future it is hoped that cooperation and exchange between BISTU and Yanqing could be further strengthened on mutual beneficial basis.  

Following his introduction to basic information and poverty alleviation in Yanqing, Mu Peng, on behalf of Yanqing District Government and CPC Yanqing District Committee, speaks highly of efforts BISTU has invested and achievements made in poverty alleviation. He says that collaboration between the two parties will be more than welcome and he expects BISTU and Yanqing work even closer together.  

The delegation visits Chen Gou Wan village of Zhen Zhu Quran town in Yanqing District and Meets with He Yingli, a BISTU staff who is now the Secretary of CPC Chen Gou Wan Branch Commission. Talks are held and attended by Deputy Secretary General Li Junhui of CPC Yanqing District Committee, Secretary He Changrong of Agricultural Commission of CPC Yanqing District Committee, Secretary Yan Maoxian of CPC Zhen Zhu Quan Commission, and Township Chief Lai Huiwu.


Wang Chuanliang points out that CPC BISTU Committee attaches great importance to poverty alleviation and this survey will serve as a leaning and communication opportunity for the University. All divisions of BISTU shall enhance service provided for university-local government collaboration. When meeting with He Yingli, Wang Chuanliang stresses that poverty alleviation via sending officials of excellence to villages is also an important platform of BISTU in cultivation of young officials. It is hoped that those who are selected would cherish the opportunity, learn earnestly from local people, and contribute as much as possible to poverty alleviation. With regard to specific issues on poverty alleviation, Wang Chuanliang says that all shall bear in mind the slogan “Green mountains and clear water are as good as mountains of gold and silver”. Poverty alleviation shall be linked together with construction of beautiful villages. We shall both learn from successful experiences and inherit fine traditional culture.    


Lai Huiwu introduce basic information about Zhen Zhu Quan town and hopes to conduct in-depth collaboration with BISTU in respect of areas where BISTU has strengths. Yan Maoxian offers an introduction to Chen Gou Wan village and some information about under-privileged families as well as development of feature agriculture industry and tourism industry of the village.  


Wang Chuanliang and delegation members also visit under-privileged families of the village, discuss with them on future development, and present some essential items of everyday use to the families.    


Wang Chuanliang then visits model hazelnut cooperative of the village and take photos with He Yingli and her predecessor Hu Zhangyu. He encourages them to work even harder to contribute to victory of the war against poverty in the village.