Wang Yongsheng Addresses HR-ONE Summit 2019

By Mon, 27 May 2019 GMT

Beijing, 24th May, 2019, (BISTU)— President Wang Yongsheng attends and addresses the HR-ONE Summit 2019 upon invitation of organizing committee with a keynote speech titled Exploration and Practice of Talent Cultivation in Higher Educational Institutions under the Context of Enterprise Organizational Reform.  


President Wang Yongsheng’s address contains three major parts, i.e., tendency of demand of talents under the context of enterprise organizational reform, reform and development of higher education, and talent cultivation and development of BISTU. Starting from the three science and technology revolutions which which have deeply influenced economic growth of the world, Wang Yongsheng analyzes far-reaching changes brought along by each science and technology revolution to innovation in production and operation mode, re-construction of relations between people and organization, and organizational model of industries and enterprises. He points out that currently the fourth Science and Technology revolution is on the way. And the new science and technology industry revolution, featured for renewable energy, Internet Telecommunications, and manufacturing with intelligentization and digitization, is very close to us. Compared to talents with simplex skill, inter-disciplinary talents with innovation competence will become the main body of value creation in enterprises. They will be more independent, autonomous in job hunting and entrepreneurial choice.  

With regard to reform and development of higher education, Wang Yongsheng stresses that higher education, as supplier of talents, is currently forcing on supporting the goal of national modernization and meeting the imperative demand of a new round of science and technology revolution and organizational reform of enterprises. With broader horizon, higher education aims at achieving quality development and strengthening the efforts to match talent cultivation with social demand. He explains current reform of higher education in three aspects— update of educational ideas and principles, optimization of academic disciplines and programs, and remolding education and teaching. He also introduces reform and development plans of BISTU.  

When talking about reform and development of BISTU, Wang Yongsheng particularly elaborates BISTU history, current progress, mission and vision, talent cultivation and relating achievements. He points out that BISTU is a University “both old and new”. In the past 80 years of development, it witnesses every round of alternation of industries and social changes. The coming science and technology revolution and enterprise organizational reform bring along new opportunities and poses fresh challenges. BISTU actively responds to the changes and has made effective planning to better match talent cultivation with social demand so as to enhance quality, content and features of education at the University. He also introduces innovation and entrepreneurship education at BISTU and alumni of excellence such as Xu Ying, Wang Ning and Ji Yichao.  

Wang Yongsheng says that the whole nation is advancing forward on the pathway to innovation-driven development. Talents are playing an increasingly important role in industrial transformation and organizational reform. BISTU sincerely hopes to collaborate with governments, industries, companies and higher educational institutions of all fields. The University is actively integrated in national development strategy and construction of Beijing as “four centers”. It is hoped that industries, enterprises and universities would work together to innovate a mechanism of integration of “government, industry, university, research and practical application” so as to contribute to innovation and development of our country.  

HR-ONE Summit is sponsored by China Human Resources Development Association and is the highest level, the largest and the most authoritative conference in the field of corporate management. Six summits have been successfully organized. This Summit is themed on “Focusing on organizational reform and caring growth of talents” and attracts famous scholars, top experts and industry elites in corporate management and industries.