New Breakthrough in Academic Papers by BISTU Faculties

By Wed, 01 Dec 2021 GMT

Beijing, 30th November, 2021 (BISTU)--- Energy Efficient Dynamic Offloading in Mobile Edge Computing for Internet of Things by Chen Ying of School of Computer Science, with 164 citations, is listed as one of the highly cited papers and hot papers by ESI, symbolizing a ground breaking moment in academic research of BISTU. “Highly cited papers” refer to papers published in last ten years performing in the top 1% when compared to peers of the same field in the world. And this paper is also listed as a hot paper. Only papers published in the last two years are considered. Hot papers receive citations quickly after publication and have been cited enough times in the most recent bimonthly period to place them in the top 0.1% when compared to peer papers--- papers that were added to WoS Core Collection during the same bimonthly update and belong to the same field.  



In addition, Internet of Vehicles : Motivation, Layered Architecture, Network Model, Challenges, and Future Aspects by Liu Xiulei of School of Computer Science (co-authorship) is also listed as a highly cited paper with 175 citations.  

All three papers of School of Computer Science account for 13% in 15 BISTU papers listed as highly cited papers as announced in the same period, with citations ranking top three.