Wang Yongsheng Addresses ISTAI 2020

By Mon, 23 Nov 2020 GMT

Beijing, 20th November, 2020 (BISTU)— BISTU President Wang Yongsheng addresses the 8th International Symposium on Test Automation and Instrumentation (ISTAI 2020) held online via Tencent video conference on 20th November 2020.  


Following the warmest welcome to all scholars and experts present at the conference, Wang Yongsheng points out that the International Symposium on Test Automation and Instrumentation is co-sponsored by China Instrumentation & Control Society (CIS) and Beijing Information Science and Technology University. It has been successfully operated for seven sessions since the first one in 2006. The Symposium has offered a global platform for researchers, practitioners and developers of this field to share their opinions and findings, understand the new trends and frontier development, and publish their new thoughts and new approaches.  

Wang Yongsheng briefly introduces the University. He says that the University has been deeply rooted in China and developing with the nation. It has made due contributions to industrialization, urbanization and informatization of our country. Currently, the University is aiming at building a high level university with distinctive features in information technology, which is in line with the trend and demand of the times. The University offers quite a few programs: 5 of which are national first-rate, 4 are national featured ones, 9 are municipal first-rate, and 9 are municipal featured ones. Based on requirements of the New Era and holding onto the principle of political construction, the University has established a common goal of “building the best University and achieving the best we can”, comprehensively promoted “construction of five environments”, and successfully embarked on a fast-lane of development. Now BISTU is a vibrant institution with great, even brighter prospect. And then Wang Yongsheng wishes the Symposium a great success!  


The Symposium, themed on “intelligent perception, shared decision-making, intelligent control, personalized service”, has set the main seminar and several branch seminars. Keynote speakers include Prof. Wei Xiang from La Trobe University of Australia, Prof. Zhu Yiming from University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, Prof. Fakhri Karray from University of Waterloo of Canada, Prof. Warren Dixon from University of Florida of the USA, Prof. Marina L. Gavrilova from University of Calgary of Canada, Researcher Farbod Khoshnoud from California Polytechnic State University of the USA, Prof. Len Gelman from University of Huddersfield of the UK, and Prof. Payam Barnaghi from Imperial College London of the UK.