Tenured Associate Professor Zhang Zhiwei of Kansas State University Delivered Academic Seminar at BISTU

By Mon, 18 Mar 2024 GMT

Beijing, 18th March 2024 (BISTU)--- Upon invitation by BISTU School of Media and Public Administration, tenured associate professor Zhang Zhiwei of Kansas State University delivered an academic lecture on 15th March 2024, aiming to enhance educational globalization and global qualities of faculty and students, provide better understanding of progresses with academic frontiers, and improve academic and research competence.  


In Lecture One, Zhang offered an introduction to academic atmosphere, educational feature, and research focuses of Kansas State University. Sharing experiences on successful cases of educational cooperation between Kansas State University and other institutions, Zhang explained cooperative models and projects of the University. Students obtained a sound understanding of global educational cooperation and were motivated to explore more global universities for future studies.  

In Lecture Two, Zhang offered an explanation on research background and research questions on the USA federal financia

l disaster preparedness and the influence of government debt on credit rating. Based on the analysis of ICMAD survey and financial reports from 2015 to 2020, he explored the impact of disaster mitigation planning, community involvement, and social capital upon key financial indexes such as fund balance and debt level. He shared the experiences of telling China's stories well, making the voice of China heard on global top journals, finding solutions to endogenous issues in research, and data selection. Illustrating how to write a paper and how to find an innovative idea in two aspects, i.e., telling a story and building a framework, he stressed that a paper should start from a detailed pointed of penetration to establish the research questions. The second step would be build a knowledge framework and then dig into materials with new perspectives and new methods to propose a new statement. Zhang also explained the possible risks and challenges which researchers might encounter in collecting materials and writing papers and share his own experiences of copying with such situations.  


On Q&A session, faculty and students conducted in-depth discussion with Zhang on paper-writing and submission. Zhang explained review standards of global journals and techniques of publishing high-quality academic papers on global journals.  

Combining theories with practices, Prof. Zhang Zhiwei successfully helped faculty and students with understanding latest academic progresses, writing papers, and submitting papers, which provided new thinking and orientation for research.