Logistics Engineering

By Wed, 25 Dec 2013 GMT

Three pathways are available for this logistics engineering professional master’s degree program.

Pathway A: Master of Engineering in Logistics System Engineering

This pathway, based on theory and method of system engineering, offers research on planning, management and control of logistics system by taking production, circulation and consumption as a whole for the purpose of improvement of social and enterprises’ economic benefits.

Pathway B: Master of Engineering in Planning and Development of Logistics System

This pathway covers theory and method of logistics system planning and design, Logistics Park planning, planning of storage/transportation system, DC planning, enterprise logistics planning, planning of logistics information system, and design and development of logistics system, etc.

Pathway C: Master of Engineering in Advanced Manufacturing and Logistics Management

This pathway focuses on logistics settlement scheme in whole range of manufacturing enterprises. It researches on how to grasp timely, correct, and all-sided information of distribution logistics, customer relation management and financial statistics, etc. It also explores how to realize “customer-focused” logistics service system and reduce inventory cost through advanced manufacturing techniques, logistics information system and modern management technology. It aims to set up seamless connection with ERP/CRM system and realize tracking, control and service of enterprise logistics in whole range.