Electronic Science and Technology

By Wed, 25 Dec 2013 GMT

Three pathways are available:

Pathway A: Master of Science in Micro Electro Mechanical System (MEMS)

This pathway focuses on design , research and application of Micro-/nano-sensor. It covers research on Micro-machined gyroscope and MEMS gas pendulous accelerometer. Its achievements are mainly applied to inertial detection control system.

Pathway B: Master of Science in New-Type Sensor and Sensitive Materials

This pathway offers research on a series of new type sensors, i.e., angle sensor, angular rate sensor, angular accelerometer, linear acceleration transducer etc., as well as piezoelectric crystal , piezoelectric composite, piezoelectric hydrophone and pressure sensor. Recently it mainly researches piezoelectric composite, piezoelectric hydrophone sensor and piezoelectric quartz sensor. It is to improve enterprise-university-research cooperation and cultivation of application-oriented talents by theoretical research, development, and application of new product.

Pathway C: Master of Science in Magnetic Sensor and Sensitive Materials

This pathway aims at research on magnetic sensor with Giant Magneto-impedance (GMI) effect and amorphous magnetic material. The magnetic sensor refers to a new type of sensor with small size, high sensitivity, hyperpyrexia stability, low power and superior performance to conventional MR, GMR and Hall sensor. This kind of new-type sensor is based on amorphous magnetic materials with highly sensitive GMI effect according to electromagnetic induction principle and signal modulation and demodulation technology.

This discipline makes full use of and brings into the advantages of School of Applied Science in basic research and applied fundamental research. Based on Sensing Technology Research Center (key laboratory (sensor) in Beijing) and relevant specialized laboratories, it devotes to cultivating innovative talents with broad theoretical basis, professional knowledge and abilities to independently carry out research and application development of new theory and new technique in electronic science.