Instrumentation Science and Technology

By Wed, 25 Dec 2013 GMT

Six pathways are available for the programme:

Pathways A: Master of Engineering in Vision Inspection and Optoelectronic Measurement Technology

This pathway focuses on detection and analysis of all kinds of physical quantities and information by laser technique and optoelectronic sensor with utilization of cross-technology of muti-disciplinary technology, including optics, electronic technology, image processing and computer vision etc. It covers researches on visual inspection technology, full-field optical measurement techniques, optoelectronic detection system integration and the design of optoelectronic measurement instruments.

Pathways B: Master of Engineering in precision Control Survey and Intelligent Instrument

This pathway covers researches on technology and theory of precision measurement, signal detection and information processing, technology and system of precision measurement and control, laser-guided real-time measurement and control system, intelligent structure system and technology, intellectualized design for modern instrument.

Pathway C: Master of Engineering in Biomedical Detection Technology and Instruments

With the orientation in optoelectronic measurement technology, medical image processing and advanced device development in the field of life science and biomedical engineering, this pathway aims at studies on biological rheology measurement method, micro-fluidic biochip technology, flow cytometry, laser induced detection technology, and injection chemiluminescence detection technology.

Pathway D: Master of Engineering in Fiber Laser and Optoelectronic Devices

This pathway covers studies on Laser coherent imaging technology, tunable laser technology, single frequency fiber lasers, Q-switched pulsed fiber laser, high power fiber laser, fiber-optic gyroscope source, and optoelectronic devices including diode beam combiner, fiber grating, fiber collimator and fiber coupler, etc..

Pathway E: Master of Engineering in Electron Measurement Technique

It focuses on research of electric parameter and time & frequency measurement technology, development of measurement system, testing method for electric security performance of electronic equipment, and measurement technique research.

Pathway F: Master of Engineering in New-type Sensor and Sensitive Material

This pathway offers researches on information acquisition and processing, quartz measuring technique, electroacoustics and ultrasonic sensing technology, MEM inertial device, angular velocity and horizontal attitude sensor, piezoelectric material and sensing device, nano material and optoelectronic devices, distributed optical fiber sensing technique, and micro-/nano-optical sensing devices.