Master of Engineering: Information and Communication Engineering

By Wed, 25 Dec 2013 GMT

This programme, based on requirement of Electronic Information and Communication industry, aims to cultivate high-quality engineering technical talents with practical and innovative ability for the front line of manufacture and development of scientific and technological with advantages of multi-crossed disciplines, promotion of industry-university-research, and comprehensive utilization of practical environment and conditions. It focuses on the following pathways to nurture Master of Engineering: Integrated network communication technology, broadband wireless communication technology, image recognition and processing, information system of internet of things, transient electromagnetic exploration and its application, and microelectronics and MEMS technology.

This programme emphasizes on students’ hands-on ability as they grasps basic theory of electronic information and communication. It is required no less than one year on the students to take part in enterprise-oriented research practice for their abilities of analyzing and solving practical problems in engineering.