Control Engineering

By Wed, 25 Dec 2013 GMT

Master of engineering in this sub-discipline addresses engineering technical basis and application technology in a broad field, including automatic control, electronic technology, automatic detection, information processing, computer technology and network technology, etc. It emphasizes on control, management and modern information processing technology to improve system analysis, system design, system operation development and integration of scientific and technical, relevant knowledge, and engineering practical ability training, with the features of automatic detection, motion control, industrial process control and intelligent control system on the basic of computer control.

This subject area of study is maily to cultivatehigh level technicians for industrial enterprises. It focuses on cultivation of innovative thinking and independent operating ability, and it also trains the students how to solve the practical production problems with modern advanced technical means. The graduates are allowed to enter into graduate thesis stage only after having obtained a certain number of credits in enterprise practice in addition to basic theory learning and science experiment at university. The theme of thesis mainly comes from engineering application projects. Its pathways address studies on industrial control system, modern electrical control technology, computer control system, intelligent sensing technology, intelligent robotic control on the basic of national key projects in accordance with the actual requirement of engineering and the specialties on this area. It has its own strongly specialized and professional characteristics in the key technology and application of orientation and attitude control of vehicle, ship and aircraft.