Power Electronics and Electrical Drive

By Wed, 25 Dec 2013 GMT

Pathway A: Master of Engineering in Power Electronics Technology and its Application

This pathway focuses on application of power electronics technology in all kinds of power convertors, i.e. AC/DC,DC/DC, DC/AC, power quality control including reactive power compensation and active power filter, and new energy such as solar energy and wind power generation.

Pathway B: Master of Engineering in Frequency Converter and Driving Technology of Direct-drive Servo Motor

This pathways addresses frequency converter and high precision direct-drive servo system. It covers researches in the area of structural optimization design of permanent magnet synchronous linear motor, frequency control technique of direct-drive servo system, building servo-drive control model that is suitable for variable load and wide-area control, direct-drive system setup and control strategy.

By choosing this pathway,the postgraduate students are expected to master basic, systematic theory and professional knowledge, especially in the area of power electronic device, control method of fly-by-wire flight control system, calculation method, and testing technology. They shall be able to analyze and solve problems on engineering technology and independently deal with researches, techniques and management in this sub-discipline and its corresponding fields.