Motor and Electrical Apparatus

By Wed, 25 Dec 2013 GMT

Pathway A: Master of Engineering in Motor Control and High Performance Motion Control

This pathway addresses studies on control strategy, control algorithm and the optimization of controller parameters of new-style motor i.e. brushless DC motor, linear motor and switched reluctance motor. the development of speed control technology of A.C drive has fueled the trend to high frequency,digitalization and intellectualization, as high performance control algorithm including novel converter transformer, modern control theory, microcontroller, vector control study and direct torque control applied to traditional AC speed regulation system .

Pathway B: Master of Engineering in Motor Energy-Saving technique and its Application

This pathway aims at studies on energy-saving operation and decision support system for motor, pump and draught fan in oil field. Combing motor parameter with load, it deals with the matching problem of motor system effectiveness from the point of integral energy-saving system.