Pattern Recognition and Intelligent System

By Wed, 25 Dec 2013 GMT

This sub-discipline is within the discipline Control Science and Engineering. It is a newly-developed one from the subjects of control theory, artificialintelligence, computer technique, signal processing, etc. It focuses on theory and technique of signal processing and pattern recognition to construct intelligent system through processing, classification and comprehension of media information according to the theory and technology of information processing and pattern recognition. This sub-discipline is an important branch in Control Science and Engineering by combining theory with practice and it has widespread application value. Currently, it possesses experimental platform for humanoid robot and wheeled robot, signal processing system and corresponding simulationsoftware. On this platformit could offer researches on motion planning and control of robot; detection, reorganization and track of target on LIDAR and man’s vision; robot localization and map making; adaptive active noise control, etc. It can meet the basic experimental requirement of the graduate; and it has achieved some higher level results in the area of intelligent control, robot dynamics and control theory. It has fulfilled more than 10 programs sponsored by National Natural Science Foundation and published over 40 academic papers indexed by SCI and EI. In the field of Adaptive Active Vibration and Noise Control Theory and its application, it has also obtained good achievements and published over 10 papers in some major international academic journals.