Detection Technology and Automatic Equipment

By Wed, 25 Dec 2013 GMT

Pathway A: Master of Engineering in Intelligent Detection Technology

This pathway covers development of intelligent sensor and intelligent detection technology on the basis of estimation theory, control theory,artificialintelligence and digital signal processing technology. Based on piezoelectric effect, it offers research on smart material and its transducer; application and development of piezoelectric sensor and their array; application of intelligent fault diagnosis and fault tolerance technique as well as its reliability design and assessment.

Pathway B: Master of Engineering in Automatic Equipment

This pathway focuses on Digital Micro Inertial Navigation System and Integrated Navigation Technology with application of motion control system based on digital technique and inertial navigation technology. It also aims at information transmission and processing of Embedded Computer measuring and Control System design and simulation, etc.

Pathway C: Master of Engineering in Multi-Sensor Data Fusion

It emphasizes on Data Fuzzy Inference System in multi-sensor integrated system on the basis of information fusion algorithm and integrated navigation design theory. It also aims at research and application of data fusion, fault detection and artificial-intelligence algorithm on artificial neural network and Kalman filtering. It has undertaken more than 30 research projects sponsored by National Natural Science Foundation,Military Pre-research Project and Project for egineering. It has obtained 7 national invention patents and published more than 50 academic papers indexed by SCI, EI. In addition, 3 monographs and 5 textbooks have also been completed and published. The programme has gained some high level achievements in the field of intelligent detection technology, intelligent control and its equipments, digital detection technology, embedded computer technology and its reliability, multi-sensor data fusion, with some having reached the leading domestic level.