Control Theory and Control Engineering

By Wed, 25 Dec 2013 GMT

Three pathways are available for this programme:

PathwaysA: Master of Engineering in Complex Nonlinear Control Systems and Robust Control

The pathway of Nonlinear Control Systems focuses on typical engineering objects with nonlinearity, randomness and three-phase coupling just like electric-arc furnace and produces the solutions. In the field of Robust Adaptive Control, it takes robust adaptive control with nonlinear coupling multi-motor system in recent years as research object and provides some new approaches. This pathway has 2 projects sponsored by National Natural Science Foundation, 3 byBeijing Natural Science Foundation, and 1 chief project by theMinistry of Education of China. It has published 3 monograph and over 100 papers, in which there are more than 50 EI indexed.

Pathway B: Master of Engineering in Modern Motion Control Systems

This pathway, covering all kinds of motion control systems, offers modern control methods on the basis of passive control theory of nonlinear systems with passive control for power electronics system as the background. It has gained some important achievements at the forefront of international development. This pathway has carried out 1 project in National Natural Science Foundationand several ones in science project sponsored by Beijing Municipal Education Commission. A number of quality papers and 4 monographs have been published.

Pathway C: Master of Engineering in Complex System Modeling and Predictive Control

Based on data-driven,this pathway originates in the idea of fault detection, modeling and predictive control on the background of fault detection, fault prediction and control for large-scale electromechanical machines and petrochemical equipments. It has had two projects respectively sponsored by National Natural Science Foundation and Beijing Natural Science Foundation. It has published a lot of papers and made remarkable achievements.