Master of Engineering in Vehicle Engineering

By Wed, 19 Mar 2014 GMT

Pathway A: Dynamics of Automotive System and Structure Optimization

This pathway aims at studies on vehicle key assembly, including features of vehicle dynamics, integrated development of vehicles, optimal matching of systems and NVH control technology, and a multi-disciplinary structure optimization based on stiffness, strength, fatigue, and safety performance in crash tests.

Pathway B: New Energy Vehicle and Electronic Control Technology

It researches and explores in the area of design theory of new energy vehicles and system integration and control, with emphasis on design of electric vehicles, system optimal matching and control, car chassis control technology, electric driven technology and wire control technology, performance of battery pack, road appreciation technology based on machine vision, and unmanned driving technology on special cars.

Pathway C: Design and Manufacturing Technology

This pathway aims at researches in the area of reverse engineering design technology, theories and methodologies of lightweight vehicles based on CAE, lightweight materials manufacturing process, techniques of hydroforming and press forming of automobile components, vacuum die-casting of aluminium- magnesium alloy components, laser welding of high strength steel, integration of CAD/CAM/CAE combined with Rapid Prototyping Manufacturing.