Master of Engineering in Mechanical Design and Theory

By Wed, 19 Mar 2014 GMT

Pathway A: Modern Machine Design Methodology

This pathway covers studies on modern design technology and methodology, dynamic digital design of products, simulation technology and virtual design, optimization of product design and reliability analysis, and innovative design.

Pathway B: Mechanical Transmission

It offers research on theories and technology of modern transmission and design and manufacturing of neo-mechanical transmission technology, including industrialization of low speed high torque hydraulic motor with non-circular gear, non-circular gear energy-saving pumping unit, Neo-Limited Slip Differential, etc.

Pathway C: Design and Application of Mechatronics System

This pathway focuses on design and performance analysis of mechatronics system which aims at making breakthrough in the field of robotics and application technology, underwater robots and in-pipe robots. It also covers dynamics of mechanical system and its control, including multi-body system dynamics, robotic movement planning, aerodynamics, and non-linear dynamics for complex cables.

This pathway has been sponsored by a number of National Natural Science Foundation of China and Beijing Municipal Natural Science Foundation.