Master of Engineering in Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation

By Wed, 19 Mar 2014 GMT

Pathway A: Numerical Control and Equipment

This pathway covers research in the area of machine tool design technology, intelligence control, innovative development of machine tools, measuring and testing of machine tools, development of special equipments, high speed machining technology, intelligence control of machine tools, etc.

Pathway B: Manufacturing Information Technology

It addresses the importance of CAD/CAM/CAE integration technology, including information modeling techniques, computer manufacturing unit technology and integration strategy, and research on modern manufacturing system.

Pathway C: Computer Aided Manufacturing

This pathway focuses on computer simulation of manufacturing unit and production line, static and dynamic prediction on function of production line, strategies of system layout, adjustment and control, and planning of production line.

This pathway has been sponsored by Beijing Municipal Commission Science and Technology and achieved preeminent research results in machine tool designing.