Master of Engineering in Mechanical Electronics

By Wed, 25 Dec 2013 GMT

Pathway A: Monitoring and Diagnosis of Electromechanical System

This pathway addresses technology of monitoring electromechanical system, problem diagnosis technology, integration of test and control system, long-distance online surveillance technology, technology of intelligent surveillance instruments, and Virtual Instrumentation technology.

Pathway B: System and Technology of Integrated Measuring and Testing in Optical Electromechanical Engineering

This pathway originates in the idea of flexible development in modern instruments production. It offers an open, flexible development platform on which instrumentation system could be integrated , experimented and tested in a timely manner. It aims at promote the prompt response of the instrumentation business to market changes. Also included in this pathway is research on photocurrent detection and analyzing equipments, products, and corresponding software requested.

Pathway C: Robot Technology:

This pathway covers a variety of academic fields in mechanical electronics, multi-sensor fusion, embedded control technology, communication technology, computer vision, artificial intelligence technology, etc. Solid foundation and rich experiences have been laid and accumulated in underwater vehicle technology.

This pathway has also been successively sponsored by a number of National Natural Science Foundation of China and other state-level foundations. It was awarded Second Prize of National Science and Technology Advancement.