Four-decades-Later Reunion of Alumni at BISTU

By Thu, 12 Apr 2018 GMT

Beijing, 11th April, 2018 (BISTU)— The 40th Anniversary celebration for alumni enrolled in BISTU in 1977 in Industrial Electrical Automation successfully completes on Xiaoying Campus. The celebration is attended by Lin Guoce, Assistant to Vice President and Vice Chairman of BISTU Alumni Association, Cao Jinhong, Chairman of School Council of School of Automation, and Vice Dean Chen Hongying of School of Automation. Activities are respectively hosted by Deputy Director Wang Limin of Alumni and History Office and Shi Ying, an alumnus of class 7702.

Ten o’clock of the morning welcomes all alumni participating in the activities. They firstly respectfully offer flowers to the teachers whom they haven’t seen for years to show their gratitude. More than 50 alumni stand up and say in concert “Thank you my dear teachers! Thank you for your hard work!”

On behalf of the University, Lin Guoce extends warmest welcome to alumni and introduces progress of the work of BISTU Alumni Association. He says that BISTU University Council has made reasonable, scientific planning on the 13th Five Year Plan and raise the strategy of promoting construction of give environments, i.e., spatial environment, institutional environment, education environment, governance environment, and emotional environment. With great support from Beijing Municipality, the University has achieved major breakthroughs in the five aspects. With regard to the work of BISTU Alumni Association, Lin Guoce introduces organization, links, activities, and cooperation of the Association and present university memorial badge of “diligence and honor”. He says that BISTU development is dependent upon support of all alumni and all alumni are expected to care and support the work of Alumni Association.

Cao Jinhong introduces School of Automation in respect of development history, programs and disciplines, experimental teaching centers, lab construction, and education. Su Chunxu and Tian Tian, the then-faculties of these alumni, make the roll call and ask the alumni to deliver a brief self-introduction. Every alumnus, when being called, makes a bow to express their deepest gratitude to the teachers.

After the class event, all alumni, together with senior university leadership and faculties of the School of Automation, take a group photo and then dine at University Canteen to recall their past happy times.

Two special events are also arranged on the day for alumni: visiting labs and achievements exhibition of School of Automation--- accompanied by Cao Jinhong, and holding seminar of exchange between alumni and students--- hosted by Chen Hongying. It is the very first alumni seminar of School of Automation on which six alumni share their experiences of growth and success and answer all questions raised by schooling students.